183|365 clean and simple

183|365 clean and simple

my room again.
i put up new curtains that actually aren’t that new; i bought them a few years ago.
but i do have new sheets! i got a purple plum type of color because i thought it’d contrast well against the mustard yellow of my duvet.
ignore my butt in this picture haha i couldn’t crop it out without losing my duvet and my legs aren’t long enough to stretch across the mattress.
i kind of had a different idea for this shot, but i was losing my daylight so i worked with what i had; which still satisfies me. i just wish my bootay wasn’t in there. i’m sure there’s other ways around my shortness. haha
i spent about 2 hours up there once i got home from work. i have too much clutter filling my room and i need to get rid of it. i don’t even know how, but it all just builds up so fast!
i can’t wait until this summer when i can redecorate. i want hardwood floors and a full sized bed. i’m growing out of the twin. i mean, it’s small and easy to fit in there, but i love being able to stretch out when i sleep.
it stopped raining for a little bit. i know april showers… etc. but every day that’s warm and sunny is such a tease. when it’s kind of crappy out on days like this it makes me sad because it’s not nice anymore like it was a day ago.
oh well. 18 school days left. let the count down begin.

don’t be so shy 🙂

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Posted by nicole st. john on 2009-04-21 19:48:50

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