187:365.4 – This one is for Paige…

187:365.4 - This one is for Paige...

Today’s picture has a bit of a story to it… To start with, this is the greenhouse (or what’s left of it) at Edgemere Estate. The original Edgemere Estate was build in 1905 on 14 acres of waterfront property in what is now Oakville. In the early 1990’s a new 32,000 sq ft house was built on the property by the president of Mattamy Homes.

The house boasts 9 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a 20 seat movie theatre, spa, elevator and a mass of other luxurious amenities all spread across it’s four massive floors. The massive grounds housed a dock, boathouse, multiple greenhouses, separate garage and guest house. It was once said that this was the most expensive piece of property in Canadian history. Sadly within 15 years, the couple divorced and the estate was sold. Over the subsequent years there have been various owners of the property. The current owner is a local developer who purchased the property for approximately 35 million dollars and their plan is to tear down the house and build up 30 high end lake front condominiums.

So where does Paige fit in to all this?? Well, shortly after I posted a picture I shot with my iPhone to Instagram she saw it and instantly knew where it was taken. It turns out that Paige and her husband were friends with the people that bought the house from the president of Mattamy and they used to spend almost every weekend there. Alas, it is not the same place where she used to go skinny dipping, have drunken golf cart adventures or dance in the fountain (all her words 🙂 )

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this is day 187 of my fourth year in pictures…

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