1997 Princess Barbie

1997 Princess Barbie

Box Date: 1997
Condition Purchased: used
Body Type: 1966; twist ‘n turn waist; straight arms; straight, non-bending legs with molded slippers
Important Notes: There were four versions of this Barbie–blonde, Hispanic, African American, and Asian.

Personal Fun Fact: I have wanted a 1997 Princess Barbie since I was a little girl. I still recall with some detail the first time I saw these dolls on store shelves. I was most enamored with the Asian version, and hoped to get her someday, since I was obsessed with my Sun Jewel Kira. But that dream fell through for whatever reason. I think that perhaps it is all due to the Asian 1997 Princess Barbie that I ended up with an addiction to princess themed Barbies. When I purchased my beloved 2001 Pretty Princess Barbie when I was a little older, I remember thinking of the 1997 Princess doll I wanted years before. And every time I’ve gotten a random princess doll in a lot at the flea market as an adult, I am also always reminded of her. I had no idea that this gal was in fact from the same set. She was part of the "Mutilated Bratz lot" of 2017. Colleen and I purchased said lot from "Monster High Lady" at our local flea market. I bought the container for the Bratz dolls and clothes it contained–this Barbie and Liv Sophie were "bonus" items to me. I figured she was some kind of Teresa, until I pulled her out of the container when we got home. While sorting through the dolls on the living room carpet, I noticed that "Teresa" had smooth legs with molded slippers. As I gazed into her eyes, the thought occurred to me that she may in fact be a 1997 Princess doll. I thought I was reaching, being overly optimistic, and that I’d surely be disappointed. But to my greatest surprise, my little hunch turned out to be correct. After close to twenty years of waiting, I finally got a 1997 Princess Barbie. And while she isn’t the Asian doll I always fawned over in stores and pined for, she means just as much to me, and since she was my first, she will always be the most special!

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