2006 Hot Tub Party Bus

2006 Hot Tub Party Bus

Box Date: 2006
Condition Purchased: used

Personal Fun Fact: I found this super awesome Barbie bus at the flea market on Labor Day weekend 2016 (the same day I scored my 34th American Girl doll, named Maya). It only cost $4, which seemed very reasonable considering how awesome this bus is! My sister and I always loved collecting Barbie campers/RVs/motor homes when we were growing up. The idea of a mobile Barbie home tantalized the both of us. Not to mention the fact that our very first playsets for our dolls were two Golden Dream Motor Homes! We loved those two motor homes very dearly, and they saw tons and tons of play. They served a variety of different purposes for our doll games, including vacation campers, bathrooms, nurseries, bedrooms, and of course as portable homes when our dolls were on the run from villains. These kinds of vehicles always sparked our imaginations, which is why neither of us could leave this awesome 2006 Hot Tub Party Bus behind when we found it at our local flea market. While I try to limit the number of playsets I buy these days, due to spacial limitations, when something this cool turns up, I don’t mind making room for it. It was in disgusting condition when we first brought it home. It was littered with sparkly floral stickers (which came with it originally), which were placed haphazardly all over the top and sides of the bus. The stickers were grotesque and peeling from age, so I ended up needing to remove all of them (just the flower ones). While this bus is missing some important pieces, and has many broken/damaged components, I love it just the same. This is the sort of playset that would have seen so much play from my sister and me. While it wasn’t even invented when my sister and I were growing up, it still brings back fond childhood memories. I’m so very glad that this unique vehicle is part of our collection!

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