Help! My Upgrade Is Here!

Help! My Upgrade Is Here!

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So, its come around again Upgrade time! At first it turns out like an exciting proposition, where I have the chance to get my mitts on a organization new handset, free of charge, which obviously is true. But now I have the daunting task of choosing a new handset.

Its naturally a dangerous minefield to traverse, on one hand I pick a telephone correct away, appreciate the novelty of having a organization new telephone and then regret my selection when a much improved telephone comes out, or I continue to wait, and get a new flagship telephone on release day, not less than extending that feeling when I get it.

To get things started, I currently work with the iPhone 4s with EE, and dont get me wrong, it hasnt been a difficulty over these 21 months or so, nonetheless Im just plain bored of it now.

See, if I was to settle on a handset at present, forced into it, I would maximum doubtless go for the Nokia Lumia 1020, which I fell in love with late remaining year.

If you dont know about it, it features a forty one megapixel camera and runs on the Windows Operating machine.

But must I well-nigh settle on a telephone which is now half a year vintage in itself? It naturally is a perplexing selection for me, seeing as I may already be buying into an outdated handset correct away.

Unfortunately Im not a fan of Android, Ive no real principle why, maybe its because Ive been raised on iOS for the past two years, nonetheless for some reason I well-nigh dont like the overall principle of Android.

This isnt to say I dont like the phones it runs on, at some point of my time at MWC this February I loved the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G Pro 2, and Im incredibly tempted by the latter handset by the way, its just the OS holding me back.

For me, I dont like the overall Android fan-base slating Apple, and whilst Apple fans arent exactly innocent of doing the reverse, I just feel Android fans do it far more vocally, often making split second judgements on people simply because they've got an iPhone, something that I think is permanently unfair.

I mean, sure disagree with them, nonetheless dont judge someone on their selection of mobile operating machine; its just rude if you ask me.

Of course Im talking about tech lovers on the market, Im not saying that every Android consumer on the market hates all iPhone users under the sun; it's strictly dealing with those who take their selection in operating machine awfully seriously.

But back to the task in hand, if I dont opt to go to Android, or getting the Lumia 1020, what am I to do?

The visual option is to wait for the next major flagship telephone, which will maximum doubtless be the iPhone 6, and whilst this sounds like a superb principle, it'll doubtless fee me a Kidney every 31 days to pay for, and the question of OS comes correct back in to the equation: Do I well-nigh wish to stay on Apple?

So, Im stuck among a rock, a demanding place and then any other rock, metaphorically obviously

Any instructions you will be able to possibly have would be appreciated