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My moaned loud and long even as we spoke of that our new Panasonic Lumix LX5 compact virtual camera will now no longer explode Ricoh LC1 lens cap that we had controlled to botch our LX3 cameras.

Fortunately, the 1/3 Chinese mannequin has entered the breach and issued their JJC Lens Cap, which is near to same copy of Ricohs lens cap so close, is that we suspect that their perpetrator team is busy penning end and desist letters now.
JJC acquired the lens canopy today and I  say, we're so blissful as Punch.

In distinction to the Ricoh lens cap, which had to be struck to match the LX3 lens thread, JJC of them has the actually thread, so I simply eliminate the lens ring and screw LX5.
LX5 action of the lens does now no longer time out in regards to the LX3, so no like to botch the lens canopy with portions of froth the 2 and up to now it worked flawlessly

It has to be!
If you have underneath no circumstances used a style of guards on the virtual camera lens Lumix, we strongly urge to give it a go.
Rather than fumble with taking out the lens cap, you may additionally simply run the virtual camera and youre ready to paintings it in genuine truth can make the distinction between capturing the shot or now no longer and youll underneath no circumstances necessities to always still be aggravating roughly wasting the lens cap again.
Get in swift!
We too can now no longer have any thought whether this product will continue to be in production for long, then again we can't counsel it sufficient so we urge you to get the order in transient
We for our 12 zl off eBay, direct from JJC in China, then again there are the opposite suppliers now attainable inside of the event you shop around are awaiting to pay up to sixteen zl, and as far as we're fearful, it's price every penny.

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