55/365 – late christmas present and my 16

55/365 - late christmas present and my 16

2009.01.05 – day 55

i had a late christmas present show up today. i wanted to experiment with one of those eye-fi SD cards for wirelessly auto-importing into lightroom. it’s slow (as expected with large files), but it frees me of the firewire cable from camera to my laptop when shooting portraits.

shannkat nominated me to do one of those 16 random facts about me so here goes.

1. i’m the youngest in the family. i only have 1 brother ( that i know about 😛 ).

2. i’m divorced, but on good terms with my ex. i’ve known her since i was 16 (i’m 33 now). we have a 4yr old turning 15 in march. he rocks, but a little to old for his age. these kids get exposed to so much these days.

3. i love chocolate….so does my son.

4. i’m a gadget freak (see photo above).

5. i used to see a therapist (during my divorce and separation). people sometimes have a negative reaction to therapists, but she got me through a really tough time in my life. i thank her for helping me to get where i am today. times were really tough back then. i look back now and remember how hard each day felt.

6. i work in I.T., but that doesn’t mean i’ll fix your computer. i’m a unix systems administrator. i don’t do windows (unless PC or my parents/brother need help..then i’m stuck!).

7. i have crooked teeth. my parents didn’t believe in getting myself or my brother braces.

8. i love cooking and eating. i’ll cook/eat rice with anything.

9. i was given the name duskyyouth from a professor in college. he wasn’t sure how to describe me so he called me a "dusky youth". i’m still not sure if it’s insulting, but word spread about the name and it stuck.

10. i hate talking about myself.

11. i don’t know what i’d do if i didn’t have the internet. you get to have so much information right at your fingertips. it’s not fair that al gore didn’t get his bright idea until the 90s 😉 i needed this stuff in grade school and high school!

12. i have to admit that i watch those silly "reality" dramas like laguna beach, the hills, and the city. other than the over the top story, i love how they shoot/edit the shows. i used to shoot wedding videos and was inspired by the shooting style. good excuse, right?

13. i was on a reality tv show called design invasion. it only ran for about 2 years. it was by the same production company as the show trading spaces. they redesigned a room in my house.

14. i’m very opinionated and competitive maybe to the point where it’s annoying to others.

15. i’ve know my best friend since we were 2. a few years ago while going through old letters, i found a 16th birthday card from him. he wrote something about being best friends at 16 and wondering how we’ll be 14 years from then. i found the card when i was 30 (exactly 14 years later). 14 years later, we ended up being roommates when i was separated from my ex. i guess that answered his question.

16. my life is good and on the right track. my ex and i had this notion that life was somehow easy. things came easy to us in the beginning. money, love, happiness etc. we never knew how to face tough times together. when we did, we either ignored it or gave up. it sucked, but we learned a lot from the experience. we’ve grown and are in good places in our lives now.

i’ll nominate later…..here’s a bonus one…i stay up WAY too late flickring! good night everyone!

::: strobist info :::
canon 580exII @ 1/8 camera right bounced off ceiling

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