A Wicked Turn

A Wicked Turn

A Wicked Turn
The play occurs mostly inside a dark, foreboding Manor, rising up from the surrounding, mist filled moors…..
Joined in Progress ……

Senses on high alert, the Cat Burglar inches his way along the upstairs hallway, eyeing the open master suite at the end of the hall… His Hazel eyes darted about, taking in every detail, more from concern than actual worry…

Something just had not felt right as he had gained an entrance through the second floor balcony window of the isolated manor, built alone some 200 years prior, smack in the in the middle of a fog laden moor.

The house alarm system had never been turned on…Why?
Why was the Master bedroom door the only one open along the hallway,,,Why indeed?
Was it an over sight, or something more?
A trap perhaps?
Set up to invite someone inside, like a timid mouse to a waiting cat, or a fly to a spiders web….
Or perhaps it was the lured Cat who would be catching his prey inside, uninterrupted and unhindered? He licked his lips and proceeded on his course.

For the expected prize was much too close, far too valuable, to back away from.

So he continued on, and made his way down the quiet corridor, listening intently for anything, everything, prepared to turn and flee at the slightest movement or out of place sound…

But his progress was unimpeded, and he soon gained the room.

With a cautionary sweep of his torch, he found it to be deserted of all human like presence.

But not deserted of any jewels, for a rather blinding flash came from the area of a vanity, sparkles of colourful fire from the open drawers of a manor’s mistress’s jewel case…

Again he stopped, waited, listened, watched… Why had the jewel case not been shut up securely, not placed in the wall safe he knew was located behind a rather gold framed fancy picture of a rather handsome lady wearing a flowing green velvet gown…

As he pondered, ears straining to hear any betraying sound , he eyed two gowns that were hanging nearby, and the rather fancy brooch that the nearest one sported.

The broochs’ lure was far to desirable, as were its mates laying in the open drawers of the mahogany jewels case. He had come much too far, planned far too long…. And so he entered the room, his given task at hand.

Tip toeing over to the hanging satin gown, he felt its luscious, sensuous material between his thin silk gloved fingers. Same fingers wrapped themselves around the sparkling diamond brooch, and gently unpinning the clasp , secreted it away into his small black velvet pouch.

He then slipped away to the vanity, eagerly eyeing through the eye slits of his mask, the many sparkling jewels that were laid out before him. Drooling over their expensive flickering sparkles of faceted light.

Almost purring like the proverbial cat, he began to scoop up the unbelievable riches that the jewel case had contained, feeling his pouch growing delightfully ever heavier by the quickly passing seconds. As he placed in the final bit of jewellery, a rather large cocktail ring, in with the rest of its purloined companions, his eyes travelled to the rather inviting diamond tiara that lay upon a silk leopard skin slip.

It was real he noted with a combination of pleasure and bewilderment. Why was it not being worn out this evening by the fair lady of the manor? This had all been far too easy, and the jewels far to beckoningly valuable, and this,… this regal headpiece fit for a queen, and worth a king’s ransom, was laying here, unprotected, unguarded, why?

So it was, as his fingers wrapped around the almost blindingly shimmering Tiara, that it was not without surprise that his ear caught the slightest whisper of a rustling gown, and a rather feminine foot being cautiously placed upon the stairway below….

Like a cat, his muscles tensed, ready to flee…. He had time to make his escape….

But also like said cat, he was curious, suspicious as to who had made such a gingerly executed entrance unto the floor below?

And… instinct was telling him that whomever was treading so lightly below, was treading alone…..!!

He turned, and darted from the room and took up position just inside the sitting room doorway through which he had entered the corridor.

Silently he moved, listening intently as the cautious steps slowly made their way upstairs from the grand entrance way below, and there was something else, the faintest whisper of a swishing skirt!. He could sense that the (probably bejewelled) owner of those feet, which were treading ever so lightly, ever so elegantly, was as much on the alert as he was, listening out into the darkness for any hint of danger much the same as he.

He licked his lips, as he pondered it over for a few precious seconds.

Was this, after all, some type of elaborate ensnarement?
Or was it , as they say, a difficulty mastered, so an opportunity won?

Should he stay, or should he go?….that was his question, and the answer needed to be made forthwith!

Some inkling, possibly gained from years of experience, convinced him to stay put for the time being.
And so he did, waiting at the fork in his road, waiting as the steppes approached, ever closer up the downstairs case before deciding which path he should take !

Finally she reached the top, and the steps stopped while she paused… ,
He watched with eager anticipation.. Finally, after a silent ½ minute wait, he was rewarded as the pleasing figure of a rather diminutive pretty miss peaked cautiously around the corner. The most pleasing part were the visible jewels she was flashily adorned with.

She was tightly holding closed the top of a green satin cape, its hood down, exposing her rather pretty face. Said face made even prettier by the dangling earrings that swayed to and from the long hair that fell deliciously along either side of her head. Running through both sides of that hair was a thin gold Coronet , and hanging down from the royal crown like gold piece, gently tapping along her forehead, was a small, but pricey, egg shaped diamond, making a rather striking declaration of desirable opulence.

He looked down at her green satin gloved hands that held her cape closed. She was wearing a pair of emerald rings, one on each index finger, and a small dimonded ring on her left pinky. Both of her wrists were encased by a pair of cuff bracelets, their many rows of diamonds beckoning out in a manner quite vexing to one of his nature. He was much more than curious to see what additional treasures she was hiding underneath that lovely cape.

Michael she suddenly whispered sharply looking about , her words slicing through the watching Burglars’ reverie like a sharp knife. He refocused and watched. Whom and bloody ’ell where, was this piker Michael?

She was looking around as she spoke, and soon spied the door of master bedroom, opened a crack as he had unknowingly left it!

He froze as she swished past, the long green satin skirt of her gown fluttering quite intriguingly from underneath her shiny cape. The shadow she caste upon the wall putting on a rather enticing show of its’ own. Finally she reached the door, and opening it a hair bit more, again called out the errant Michaels name into the darkness

With disappointment, she closed the door without going inside.

The Burglar breathed a sigh of relief, until he saw that she was heading his way, wide open eyes spotting the crack of the sitting room door. He slowly melted into the shadows as she came swishing back down the corridor. Seeing her shadow growing as it played along the hallway, then her eyes appeared at the door. Michael? she whispered hopefully inside the room, her eyes failing to see anything out of place amongst the shadows. She went away and he slinked back to the door, resuming his lookout in anticipation.

she was crossing to the door directly across the hall.

Slowly she opened the door and peered inside. Michael?, she called out musically, where are you lad, and by the devil, what game are you playing up now

Later, he would reflect on the last bit of the young girl’s sentence. It was not the words, but more so the way she had said them! So, rather than at that moment turning to flee with the already pilfered goods in hand, some intuition, unwittingly gleaned from the girls performance, held him firmly in place. With the distinct impression that she was expecting something special from dear absent Michael!

Not to mention her jewels! They were certainly a most intriguing lure, a bit of nice icing that could possibly be added to a posh cake of already wedding like proportions…. Those jewels, both seen and as of yet unseen, were too valuable to be demurring over , specially for a seasoned Burglar such as He!.

Decisively taking the chosen path, he boldly opened the door, watching as her figure froze rigid upon hearing its sharp creaking coming from behind.

He swiftly reached her, getting ready to place a hand around her mouth to stifle the expected scream, and the other to slip around her waist, to draw her shiny figure close to hand…

But there were no screams or startled gasps. Ta! Michael, she unworriedly scolded to the footsteps coming up behind here , 5 years and you haven’t changed a bit ! He stopped dead in his tracks, inches away from her, and did not complete his intended actions upon her.

What is it to be, Michael? she continued, speaking to the person behind her whose shadow now emerging over hers on the wall…. Thievery? Too bad I didn’t guess what you had in mind this evening! Otherwise I would Ave worn some of mums better jewels.

Needless to say, her words would be vexing to most people, especially to our Burglars ears! So he listened intently, not believing what he was hearing… His fingers starting to tingle at the prospect of what he saw as a possability…. Ready to act accordingly if it did not appear to be going his way..

She continued on , her sweet voice, teasing… But Michael, unannounced thieves cannot be choosers, mine will just have to do and she flicked an earring backwards, it twinkled merrily in the dim lights. Jewels as valuable as hers would twinkle even in the dimmest of lights, mere rhinestones would not! He knew, and began to inwardly drool over this certainty!

Now darling Michael , she commanded, go in my room and start taking the jewels from my case on the mantel. I will come back in and surprise you. You know what will come next… Just don’t make the bindings too tight this time Michael, she instructed the figure whose shadow was looming up on the wall behind her.

He did not have time to react as she turned happily. Her jewels flashing. She looked up at his masked face, then down to the black military boots upon his feet, than back up, her eyes beaming, boldly showing a lustful look that sent his heart afire. She then quickly scrunched down reached up between his legs and goosed him quite royally . Holding his breath, , keeping his eyes focused on the diamond swaying predominantly upon her forehead, provocatively tapping and shimmering its fire with unencumbered abandon….!

She rose, tapping his face affectionately with a gloved hand, her rings and cuffed bracelets fleshing smartly. Nice costume by the way luv she said. Her hazel green eyes swarmed up into his ,inviting an answer from “Michael”. He just remained silent, frozen to the spot, unable to speak even if he had dared! She must have been able to read his discomfort in his eyes, assuming her actions had left her lover speechless, She appeared happy to accept that for an answer and backed away, still smiling, towards the staircase.

A most welcome home darling Michael she trilled affectionately! just before tuning to disappeared back around the corner with a swish of her gown. He heard her say merrily form her hiding spot, you have till the count of 25 luv , so get a move on.

He stood there, jaw opened wide neath his mask, his eyes watched as her gown had wispily whipped around the corner behind her as she had disappeared, whilst giggling quite excitedly to herself at her cleverness! He just didn’t know what to think. So if course He obediently followed her directions. Bloody “ell he remembers quite clearly to this day thinking, had he just had fallen into a cat thief’s wildest dreams..!

Wishing only now that only that the prig, the real Michael, didn’t decide to show his bloody mug and spoil all the fun !!

He opened the door to the jeweled lady’s bedroom, and pulling out his torch, lit its pencil thin beam. Inside the torch light quickly found her oak jewel case on the mantel of an oaken dresser . The high case matched the dresser and drawers below it perfectly, and it appeared that it was all uniquely Chippendale! It sat across from a matching four poster, with a sea blue satin coverlet and turned down matching silken sheets.

He swiftly went over and began opening the many drawers of the jewelry case( Jewelry coffin some calls it) The thin light of his torch lit up a sinfully copious display of jewels, note quite as valuable as the ones discovered in the master bedroom, but it was a damn close race all the same.. He happily began pullin out the drawers and sliding the pretty contents into an already bulging pouch. Dropping the empty drawers unceremoniously upon the floor when emptied. The lady he hoped, would appreciate the realism that her Michael was going to put into her play, and he was just the person to make it realistic! He reckoned with a rather nefarious smile spreading upon the face covered by its thin mask.

At that moment, he heard the door creak slowly open….

She was coming in quietly, and soon proved to be quite the actress!

He heard her gasp behind him as he continued on his work, no not my jewels, Do anything to me but don’t take my jewels. He turned around to face he, holding the final drawer, filled with pearls, in his black gloved hand. . She stood there with her left hand to her mouth, while her right ringed gloved fingers played with a diamond earring. the diamonds hanging down from it flickered quite invitingly. You want these, do you not Mister Burglar, I can see it in your eyes. He emptied the contents of the drawer into the black velvet pouch, and dropped it onto the pile strewn about at his feet. Eyeing the pretty victim’s savory jewels, he eagerly began to move purposefully towards her in order to finally finish the nights work and make good his escape!

Not yet! she commanded, putting up a ringed finger as he, surprisingly because he had no reason, obediently stopped in his tracks to await her next command. As it turned out, he was very glad he had done so!

My closet, Michael your always forgetting a good burglar checks a Damsel’s closet for brooches and such left on by ladies far too lazy to remove them from her party frocks. I swear Michael You would make a horrible burglar in real life. You would positively be starve’in if it were not for being directed by some one like me. She chortled at her wit. He just smiled, thanking her inwardly for being ever so much a big help to poor Darling Michael!

He turned to his right and headed straightforward to said closet, curious as to what he was expected to find inside. Opening the door revealed a long floor length mirror that let him see into the interior of the bedroom behind him. Including the reflection of his most helpful victim as she stood there in all her jeweled and emerald satin attired glory, keenly she was watching his progress with an eager interest, he stole a look as he thought to im’self, quite an nicely inviting reflection it ’twas indeed!!

He turned to look inside, and was met with a designer like assortment of colourful dresses and gowns. A quite nice, if not downright beguiling, display of soft velvets, slinky silks, sleek satins, frilled lace, and shiny leather.

He quickly began his task at hand, letting his fingers feel through the wonderfully flaccid fabrics for anything hard and metallic. . In one velvet number he felt something like a necklace around its top, he pulled it out, but disappointedly it was a rhinestone collared frock. He tossed it onto the bed and resumed his search as she could be heard softly giggling behind him ,nope, nothing on that one she stated, but don’t quit just yet! He stole a glance into the mirror as he turned back into the closet. He eyed his new found “mentor” , said ‘mentor’ was watching him eagerly, her whole being quivering in anticipation head down to spiky heeled foot. He decided he had better keep tabs on this one, still not sure what exactly her game was all on about, they were her jewels after all, weren’t they??

There had to be something inside here that had her interest he thought, as he plunged his gloved hands inside again and felt around. This time he was rewarded by felling a slight prick of something sharp. He pulled out a long black satin number, and saw it had two ruby clips attached to its bodice. He held it up to the mirror so she could see. Well done Michael she clapped gleefully, watching him pull them free from the evening gown and causally flipped them into his pouch on the floor.

She was eating it up. Going back into her character of the being the hapless victim, she began to plead… Please mister burglar don’t take everything of mine! He smiled, wondering how she would react when she found out that indeed, she was not just playing at being Michaels’s hapless victim, and that her jewels would not be returning to their coffin this evening!?

Throwing the gown onto the bed, he turned his attention once again to her closet as he moved aside the gown bound hangers, revealing a set of shelves set in the back that contained a nice selection of sensible shoes, wedged pumps, glossy spiked heels and designer style purses.

One purse caught his ever appraising eyes ,a small gold clutch with what looked like ( and probably was) a diamonded clasp He pulled it out and tossed the expensive bugger into the pouch. Good eye Michael! She exclaimed. It’s almost like you were a real thief. She shivered again. Her earrings, bracelets, and rings sparking like wild fires as he watched the show from her reflection in the handy mirror.

Now, as He was moving the dresses over to look into the shelves his eye had caught sight of a black leather jacket with a with a belt studded by what must have been a thousand rhinestones. He now pulled it out and searched its pockets, partly to extend the show that “Michael” was in no hurry! So he was surprised when his gloved fingertips felt something cold and a bit weighty! He slipped it out and found he was holding a solid gold cigarette case ,which he added to the ever growing collection in his bag! , His “Mentor” trilled as he did so, exclaiming, wandered where that had gotten off too! The matching lighter should be there too Michael! He reached back in, and there it was, as well as a small ivory and ebony gold ringed cigarette holder. Both of which quickly joined their companion in the rapidly filling pouch. He then pulled off the belt. Even with rhinestones it was worth a pretty pence he reasoned. As he pitched it into the pouch, he heard the Lady helpfully exclaim in the background, good idea she said excitedly. I can use that later when I make you give back my jewels. He actually felt a slight twinge of regret that that part of the act he would not be present for!

Then He hit total pay dirt.

He thought he was quite finished with the closet as he had pulled out the jacket. But for whatever the reason, instead of tossing the jacket onto the bed with the rest of her expensive clothes, and then making the final approach towards his victim forthwith, he took the time to hang the leather jacket back up inside the closet. It was as he did so that something, a most decidedly not rhinestone something, decoration flashed in the dim lights. He eagerly reached in and pulled out a quite lovely long brown silky satin gown. Holding it up triumphantly, he looked down at the dazzling sparkles of a magnificent gem encrusted brooch that was pluck ably suspended from the gowns wide center sleek satin waist line. Good show Michael! She exclaimed in the background. His eyes left the brooch and looked into the mirror at her. She clapped, rings and bracelets, earrings and Coronet, the whole lot, again, invitingly sparkling into a million pinpricks of fire as she did so! She continued on, eagerly spilling her emotions into her words! Darling I was going to tease you later if you were to ‘ave missed that one, and I was sure you were gonna!

Ta ,he said to himself as he found himself wondering what the teasing part would have been like!? Then, while with his mind was picturing this, he automatically, without taking his eyes off the mirror, pulled off the brooch and nonchalantly pocketing the breathtakingly pretty jewel, before throwin the slick gown onto the shiny pile already laying strewn about the bed. He found himself wondering what the teasing part would have entailed? As with the belt, He was almost sorry that he would not be around long enough to find that out either!

He turned once again to focus his attention, on the rather all too helpful miss, his eyes traveling unabashedly up and down her figure.

He started to move towards her, Almost she said with a giggle, her ringed finger raised again, stopping him again as he had started to move towards her.. not quite yet, she admonished, you forgot the most important part of burgling a ladies chamber!

He stood staring, not quite knowing what the devil this peculiarly eager to be robbed damsel in distress was going on about now !? But quite recent experience told him it should be to his thieving benefit to take more precious time and hear her out!

She than, quite helpfully, spelt it all out to him…

You didn’t check the lingerie drawer Michael! , any burglar worth his salt would have done so.. he saw she had winked at him. . Come along Michael, get into your role my dear…! Curiously He looked down upon the drawer in the stand next to her bed. No silly,, still in the drawers beneath my now pilfered jewel case!

She looked down mischievously at the Drawers set In the ancient oak Chest ,antique Chippendale defiantly he again ascertained.

He turned, hesitating… Should dear Michael know which one it twas… He decided to just start at the top and began opening them one by one and pray he did not invoke her to start have any doubts as to his true nature! He went over and started to pull open the top drawer. She could be heard giggling in the background, moved it on you didn’t I from the last time. Her most welcomed words relived a bit of his anxiety, the gig was still not up, she still hadn’t guessed that he was the real thing, and not some love lorned Beau named Michael

Ahh, there you go my darling! She said as he opened the next, it was found to contain, as promised, piles of thin satin and silks, in all colours of a shimmering rainbow! Curious as to what further riches he was meant to find, he greedily swirled the expensive lingerie about, soon finding a pile of glistening silver all carefully laid out on one side.

A silver brush comb and matching mirror, all studded with jeweled handles, and two pairs of silver handcuffs!

He lifted up the jeweled vanity pieces .. he had once drooled over a similar set discovered in a museums case!

Oops she giggled, forgot those were there, just leave em luv. But he continued to place them into the pouch at his feet, and was surprised when she did not protest. Instead she said reasonably, but of course they are jeweled, just be careful with em please my darling…

The handcuffs and keys he lifted and threw on the satin comforter of the bed, wondering how many times she and her Michael had put them to use?

He picked up the quite heavy pouch, and looked over at his smirking victim. Come mister thief she instructed, time to do your worst. With pleasure he thought, studying her long earrings most hypnotic swaying, with my all pleasure, missy.!

He came up and stood before her. The lady’s head came up to his chin. She was smiling in a most provocative manner, one hand still holding the clasp of her cloak, the other resting upon the brooch over her right breast. He, for no real reason, found himself wondering if the broach’s placement meant she was left handed. Okay mister burglar, take me broach, I see you eyein it! For the first time, but not the last, he almost felt sorry for the show that poor Michael was missing out on, but glad deep down that he on the other hand, was not!

He reached down and pried her fingers from the brooch, and as he unpinned the precious jeweled piece, she pushed against him so his fingers brushed against a rather perked, notably heaving breast. With a sigh she listlessly allowed both her hands fall to her sides as she looked up at him with imploring hazel green eyes. Huskily she murmured, that’s it, not too quickly. He unfastened the broach, his fingers a bit encumbered by the game she was playing with her body as she leaned in against him.

Pulling it off, his fingers brushing her soft figure, he let the broach plop inti the pouch at his feet, He reached up and undid the jeweled clasp of her long green satin cape, exposing is silvery lining,, and finally revealing the playful ladies gown and her remaining ornaments in all its exquisite glory. Tongue tied in awe, he watched the cape slither down from her arms.

She looked up into his face, lustful eyes sparkling with delight at his supposed rapture at seeing her, not for a second realizing quite what it was about her that had actually had captured his attention..

Cat ave your tongue there laddie? She purred, her hazel eyes opening doe wide, offering no quarter as to their needful meaning. He just let his eyes travel up and down her now fully exposed figure, quickly taking it all in.

Her green satin gown was fitted to show off every delightful curve of her figure. The bodice was not decorated by rhinestones or anything else that would have taken away one’s eyes from the jewels the wearer was sporting. Those jewels consisted of a brooch equally as magnificent as the one he had plucked from the brown satin gown found hanging in her closet. In addition now could be viewed her long wide necklace dripping down to her heaving breasts. The fine piece was set with blazing diamonds, smaller round ones surrounding a steady stream of larger egg shaped ones that matched the one that hung from her forehead. She smiled at his amazement.

Michael, you almost act like you have never seen these before, she scolded, while playfully lifted up the necklace, letting it flow charmingly through her emerald green satin gloved fingers. Or my Tiara she said, touching the egg shaped diamond.

Coronet Lass, not a Tiara he corrected her in his mind as she went on…

Oh wait, this is borrowed form Auntie, so you wouldn’t have seen it before. Pretty isn’t Michael…she asked, touching the Coronets only jewel? Only, since it isn’t mine, it can’t be part of the game… ok?

He just stood there, his eyes wide and searching from the slits in his mask, he did not bother to hide his desires at obtaining them, but he did not make any indication that he wouldn’t. She continues on assuming Dear old chap Michael would obey all her rules.

Hey there now, you really getting into robbing me now, you naughty man! And she let her other hand playfully pat the side of his mask. For a second he thought she was going to pull it up to kiss him, thus spoiling the game. So he quickly grabbed her by the wrists under the pretense of studying her rings and bracelets, thus successfully diverting her mind away from the thought.

Ahh mister burglar, you want my pretties, I can tell, do you desire them more them Moi? One can only be imagined that you do! Quickly now, put yonder chair to use and ensure sure your victim cannot slip away whislt you wrestle the jewels from my very body!.

He quickly brought over a chair she was indicating happy to oblige, it would make things far easier at the end he thought to himself with a dash of relief.,.. The chair was another Chippendale, Victorian era straight backed. It’s position, reflection in the closet door he had left open would, allow them both to watch from all angels. Dear Michael could not have planned it better

He sat it down behind her and she started to sit. He grabbed her wriest keeping her upright. He looked into her wide open eyes, yet she was the one smirking like the cat eyeing the canary in its cage! Good Michael, what do you have in mind for your victim?

He briskly turned her around and began to unzip her gown, felling its slick material, quite lusciously even under the thin gloves he wore. Good show Michael, she chirped in approval, make your victim feel vulnerable. She kicked off the gown and it fell in a pile on the carpet, with the brooch on top, sparkling like a lighthouse on top of an island of shimmering Irish green. She was looking up at him, clad only in a scant mint coloured silken slip that hung delightfully tight against her now quite perked figure.

She stoop down giving me a purposely good view of her ‘fin arrière’ , tightly outline by her silken thin slip. she covered the cold oak back of the. High backed chair with her cape and slipped onto it, too fast for him to react. . Damn he thought he had planned to nick her pretty cape as well

But he reasoned, all is fair in love, games, and theft

He went over an undid the satin sash of her green gown, eyeing the brooch, but not taking it, not yet my pretty he thought out with promise.

He turned back around, again she was smirking like the cat that had now caught the canary, though this time it looked like she had bloody thing in her mouth. He looked down at her gloved hands, the bracelets were there, but judging by her now bare fingers, it was not a canary she had sucked into her mouth.

Without letting on he went behind her and she quite helpfully placed her gloved hands behind the chair, her fingers beckoning, trying obviously get him to notice her missing rings. But he had other ideas for that part of her game, and it did not involve Michael snogging ‘er to get at em!

As he began tying her arms, he could feel her shiver deliciously from her head to toe , squirming playfully in the chair. She almost slipped off the chair, made slick by the cape upon which she perched, sitting in an equally slippery slip, and he had to catch her and slid her back, felling her shiver as he held her..

Her dangling earrings, flickering like a mad storm, sung quite invitingly into his face as he was kneeling down, causing him to shiver in much in the same manner as he loosely bound her above her wrists, leaving the twin bracelets free and easy to get to!.

He then rose and going to the bed picked up the sets of handcuffs. Going back he held her eyes steady with his, as she tried to come across as if she was imploring him not to do it, the rings hidden in her mouth preventing her to speak out .

As he approached she kicked off both of her emerald rhinestone covered spiked heels, playfully missing him. He reached down, and taking in turn, an ankle in hand, cuffed them securely to a leg of the chair, above a low bar.

She was not going anywhere without dragging the chair with her. He had kept the keys on the bed, she could reach there to undo herself, but he was planning to be long gone before she figured out what had really happened, and managed to reach the bed to free herself to sound any alarm!!

He went down behind her and she arched back. Trying to watch what he was up to. He looked at their figures in the mirror, her Coronet, necklace and earrings quite vividly sparkling in the reflection.

Methodically he held her by each wrist and stripped off, one by one, both of her twin cuffed diamond bracelets, tossing them neatly into the pouch. Then, playing along with the lady’s game, fruitlessly felt for her rings, hearing her muffled giggles above him.

mmmm she said, through gritted teeth not being able to open her mouth due to her rings. He could see that what she was unable voice, her expression was totally readable in the reflection from the handy mirror..

Then he moved his hands, grasping her by the silken sides of her slip, and began to tickle her mercilessly, she started to uncontrollably giggle, then sputtering, sent the three sparkling rings she had been holding inside her mouth, spinning out and plopping onto the green silk of her lap, where they slithered down between her knees! Michael! She admonished, snapping her legs closed, tears in her eyes as she laughed, that wasn’t how… !

He hushed up her words by quickly massaging his gloved fingers through her long luxurious hair. She leaned right back, her eyes still tightly shut, reeling in the pleasure of her game..

Her green satin gloved fingers tried to adjust her bonds so she could reach back out behind her, and he knew for what, and responded appropriately by rising up so she could reach her objective. Then it became his turn to be the one moaning softly through gritted teeth…

Easy on the family jewels there missy He silently thought groaning inwardly, not daring to give his now scintillated thoughts voice…. sincerely hoped that her darling Michael was the strong silent type

He quickly started caressing her earlobes, taking advantage of where this lady’s mind was otherwise occupied…. slowly, carefully stroking free each of her lovely long earrings in turn, and kept on massaging for several minutes afterwards, taking precious time with the task as to keep her mind away from what he was accomplishing from behind her trussed up back..

Darling Michael she responded, apparently, hopefully, waiting for a response. Failing to hear her earrings as they were plopped inside the black velvet pouch on the floor at her feet!

He gave her a response, though not verbally, by leaning in as close as he could. She began to grope quite furiously the family jewels and he thought of a monkey he had seen once in the London city zoo doing one such number on a banana.

She was so enthralled that she never even felt him finesse out the ends of the thin coronet of shiny gold that was woven into her hair, and began gently stroking out each end, nor did she miss the egg shaped diamond as it stopped brushing against her brow, once he finally had the jeweled piece free , eagerly lifting up and stealing the quite valuable head piece away. He felt no shame at atoll over taking it from the unexpecting lass, congratulating himself instead on being able to manage the task without her catching on.

Well Michael, she purred opening her hazel green eyes, failing to even notice that her pricey jeweled coronet had been removed and at that moment being dropped unceremoniously in the pouch at her foot. I can feel my darling, that it has been quite a long time for you also, has it not?!

As the bound lady quite seductively was murmuring these words, her fingers continued their free play between his legs. You want me don’t you luv, she asked seductively., wistfully her eyes opening wide and looking up into his, catching him hovering over her looking down. She entirely misread the object of his also lustful gave, and closed her believing eyes with a heavy sigh!

For, as he had had been caught looking down upon her, he would not have had the heart to pour cold water on the lovely , unsuspecting, girl’s bliss! For he would have had to admit that it was the small fortune in diamonds dribbling quite nicely down, as her throat was arching back in her ecstasy, sending a cascading fire, that was for the most part to blame for his stiffly obvious condition. And not, he rudely thought, the lustful desire that she held, in all probability, hoping dear Michael was preparing emself to end the game with her in bed!

In her bliss, his victim moved open her knees ever so slightly.

The rings! He had almost forgotten all about them!

Kiss me Michael the enraptured miss cried out a second time, quite yearningly at that point!

Seizing the moment, his hand had delved in and was groping about for the rings that were laying somewhere unseen between her legs. All her thoughts of being kissed vanished into the aire in fits of convulsive ecstasy.

He pried open wider her legs, finding no resistance atoll. He then obliged her sweet fantasy by searching thoroughly the now rather, even threw his gloves, dampish area for her hidden treasures. He soon found and scooped out each glittery ring one by one, pushing them deeply up and into her pulsating “Labia Majora”, before tossing them each neatly into his pouch.

As he pulled out the last ring she hopefully said, her voice hoarse with expectations , Sure you found everything mister burglar?

She shook her legs, beckoning him to return and search some more! He, with something quite differing in mind, reached up, and lifted the clasp of her necklace. Not yet dear Michael she implored, you need to take that from me in bed, like last time….. did you forget ?

So that was her plan, eh… not bloody likely the burglar thought, and your necklace is coming along too for the ride with the rest of your sparklers, he smiled inwardly at these thoughts of his.

He looked down at her and saw that she was watching him with some query. Was she beginning to have doubts as to what version of this game was actually being played he started to wonder?

But apparently the gig was not up yet, for instead some old memory had been invoked back to her conscious mind. She went on …I know, let’s do it like that time we were watching that film, and a thief nicked a necklace from that lady while they danced at her party!

He reached up and lifted her necklace, fingering its beckoning lure. Yes she said with a sultry gasp, untie me and let’s dance.

He heaved a long sigh,… She heard and misread….yes she said, and as simple as a that, she managed to squelch her own plans, and at the same time prevented dear old Michael from being found out and caught with his fingers in the till… so to speak!

For this Michael, upon Feeling her figure her relax as she heard him sigh , stole into the unguarded moment, and plunged his fingers again into the small crack she had opened between her legs. Oh good lord! she exclaimed , leaning forward as he fondled and groped unmercifully into her silk covered lap…!

Finally, now for the coupe de grace he eagerly contemplated as he eyed her magnificent necklace, the last and best piece of his victims worn jewels, hanging down, freely swaying from his victims bent over head.

He left one hand between her legs, continuing to methodically rub the area, whilst his left shot up her slick backside, reaching the back of her throat, and her necklaces’ jeweled clasp! Using two gloved fingers, he neatly popped open the clasp and watched as the two ends fell open and hung down over her shoulders.

He began to rub harder between her legs, and as she again cried out, oh my Lord ,in sheer ecstasy, and leaned down as far as her bindings would allow, he whisked away the glittery diamonded links forming the chain. He raised his hand from her lap, and letting the necklace slip unnoticed up and over her shoulder, it fell neatly in a cascading fiery heap into his open palm beneath…

As he did so, she quivered and moaned, then huskily, began choking out the words in quite in a seductively hoarse manner.

Michael darling. take my necklace now, only let it slip down inside my dress. She raised her head, Her wide open eyes, reflected in the mirror , were crazed excitement , obviously she wasn’t thinking straight calling her Thin silken slip a dress and forgettin all about the dancing, and not even seeing that her necklace was already removed.. !

But maybe she had played this game before with this Michael bloke, whilst wearing one of her pretty shiny dresses and possibly wearing the same jewels… Maybe even dancing? For her words earlier had struck a chord. For in his wide and experienced travels, as he had observed well jeweled females dancing about, he often wondered about how to go about relieving them of their valuable baubles then and thier?

But he had to admit, the thought of doing so while dancing had never been one of the tactics outlined in his head, till now! And given the fact that he had just managed to unnoticeably lift a necklace, and a fancy hair worn Coronet, in just such a fashion, just served to add fuel to an already sparking fiery desire !!

But for this Bloke, this time, this game, was to have a very different outcome… for the both of them!

She closed her eyes and leaned back into the chair, waiting in eager anticipation. Her fingers once again found their mark. And as she began stroke, he quickly moved his hands, and, holding up the necklace let it hang from neath her chin and hit her chest. She opened her eyes, wide in desire, as it did, and again seeing its sparkling reflection in the large mirror she gasped, now, let it go now!

He than, guided the necklace so it fall down inside … then did the job properly, feeling along the outside first, neck to lap, then repeated by reaching inside and groping downward , squeezing quite satisfactorily ( for both of them) all of her sweet spots. Finally reaching bottom, he found that her diamonded necklace had slipped and fallen down to the seat of the chair.

Her figure, which had been squirming during the entire performance, shot straight rigid as his fingers began once again searching the area between her legs, she let out a piercing squeal as he hit home several times before grabbing the jewels and bringing them back up the way he had come down.

As he pulled her jewels free, she slumped back into the chair, her whole being exhausted from her recent ecstatic struggles…

He slipped the shimmering strings of diamonds down on top of their pilfered, glittering mates… Quite a bountiful haul there mate he congratulated himself as He looked down unto the bulging pouch with its quite glittering contents. He then looked over at her, happily observing her shaking, heaving figure, still grasping to control her pinnacled desires, should be easy to get away now lad, he thought keenly to himself!..

But I am not finished yet he thought, looking at the green satin gown laying in a shiny pile by the bed.

He went over to the piled gown layin on the floor, lifting it up he carried it over to his victim. Holding it up he watches as the dazzling brooch was reflected in her doe wide , wild eyed gaze. He slipped off the jewel, mindlessly pocketing it with the other, as he laid the gown reverently out over her lap. She closed her eyes and groaned. Okay Michael you win, she murmured huskily, I’m yours, all yours….. Her voice died away as she leaned back, exhausted from the quite vigorous workout he had given her whilst nicking her jewels….

Truer words never spoken me lassie he thought, smirking to himself as, claiming the quite weighty pouch from the floor, he began to stroll briskly out towards the bedroom door exit, preparing himself for when she would realize the truth and start her desperate pleading.

Hey Michael, he heard her exclaim from behind his back, where do you think you are going. I said game over now didn’t I ?! And! what gives lad!?, She must have looked at him leaving and saw her reflection, fully in the mirror, for she began to prattle on, …you nicking the tiara! Told Ya its not supposed to have been part of the game!

It is not a Tiara, it’s a Coronet the burglar silently corrected, in his opinion, her misconception of what the jeweled piece represented. He closed the door firmly behind him, effectively extinguishing having to hear any further comments from the now indignant , quite unenlightenedly naive young Damsel whining on about ‘er pillaged jewels!!!

He retraced his steps out to the sitting room’s balcony and lowering the pouch to the ground with his rope, he quickly followed suit, climbing down off the second floor balcony.

Reaching solid earth he turned tread quietly on the freshly cut, dewy lawn. His mind still reeling over what had played out inside the large manor’s upper bedroom. The hefty bag at his side a comfortable reminder that it had not all been a dream, a Burglars fantasy if one will….

Reaching a line of high shrubbery, he unobtrusively followed in the shadows it created, heading swiftly back to the way he had entered…

As he reached that point, he stopped… was it the wind playing tricks? For behind his back, where the dark manor stood, he thought he had caught a voice calling out the name Michael? He shook his head without remorse, no guilt… She simply could not have gotten loose that quick! Or had hat chap Michael made an inopportune entrance?

Then, without any further ado, he silently disappeared, unobserved, back into the mist filled darkness of the night from which he had emerged!

Exiting stage right!

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