Cell Phone Spy Software A True Guardian Of Kids

Cell Phone Spy Software A True Guardian Of Kids

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A decade ago, the invention of smartphone technology shock the whole world. Now everyone has the mini-computer in the shape of smartphone devices, and when it is linked to the news superhighway the whole world comes within for your hands. People from all age teams utilizing the cell phone technology and the small children and teenagers become addicted to it along with the social media websites and social messaging apps. These social media instant messengers are serving the humanity to the fullest, but at an identical time creating an awful lot of psychological and physical issues in the lives of small children and teenagers no time ever before.

Parents when come to realize the evils which social media apps have at the prevailing time, they commence are in search of for the forged solution to prevent all the issues from their children lives. Therefore, developers created an awful lot of monitoring software in order to lend a hand out parents equivalent to iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor is a exact iPhone Spy App with an awful lot of solid functions that may enable parents to spy on their children smartphones activities 24/7 along with the complete advise and time schedule. There are a couple of following key functions of TOS software that may put parents all worries to rest.

iKeyMonitor – effective and state of the art Features:


Parents can create a bug after installing the monitoring software on their children smartphone device and then can record surrounding sounds by way of MIC bug feature. They might also record Voice Messages by way of an extra feature and enable to capture screen shots and spy photos by utilizing the iPhone Photos Spy feature of the monitoring app.

Spy on Messages:
Parents are also enabling to spy on all messages despatched or received on the objective device with the lend a hand of text messages spy feature of the spy software. They can without difficulty track MSS, messages, WeChat, Whatsapp, Hangouts and iMessages by way of ikeymonitor.

Spy on Calls:
The app allows parents to record live calls of their objective device with the lend a hand of record live calls feature of the surveillance software. They might also view call heritage and get entry to to their contacts/reminders with the lend a hand of ikeymonitor.

IMs Social Media:
If parents are worried about their children, due to utilizing a couple of dating instant messaging applications such Tinder, Facebook, Line, Vine, Facebook Chats, Instagram, Snapchat and many others even they can track all the instant messengers logs by utilizing this iPhone social media spy feature.

View Browsing Activities:
This feature will solve all the insecurities parents have about their young child. Parents would be able to see all internets visiting sites and browsing heritage to boot during the view browsing activities feature of the monitoring app.

If parents wish to realize the email keystrokes, password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and messenger keystrokes than being the guest of TOS software. You just have to use Mobile Key Logger feature of the ikeymonitor then it might allow you to spy all mentioned stuff.

View Multimedia Files:
This is outstanding feature allow parents to capture screen shots of every single activity performed by their small children and teenagers by way of capture screen shot feature of the monitoring software. They might also view the sharing files, photos, and videos by way of multimedia file feature of the software. Even you may also hint the current location of your children utilizing Track GPS Locations and Geo-fencing functions.

The ikeymonitor have an awful lot of other functions which are very effective to empower parents to safeguard their children equivalent to view phone activities, read emails, remotely phone controller, call recording, taking screenshots, Remote Tracking and many more functions that lend a hand you protect your child all day from online scams.

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