Customer Service Is Being Present Important

Customer Service Is Being Present Important

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If one was going to satisfy a friend, there is a powerful possibility that they would expect them to appear not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Another way of looking out at this would be to say that they expect them to be present.

However, if this wasnt the case, it could be because they know that their friend is going through a demanding time, or it may mean that they are joyful to tolerate this kind of kind of behaviour. In this case, it is perhaps a sign that they dont value themselves, and this then causes them to put up with this kind of behaviour.


When one expects their friends to be present, it can also mean that they are also going to be present, for that reason of this, they aren't expecting some thing that they aren't prepared to give in return.

If this is the case, it could be said that they're going to be in balance; whereas if they were to expect some thing they were not prepared to give, they would be out of balance. And when two persons behave in this way, it'll show that they respect each other.


One thing that can make it harder for someone to be in the moment is once they use their Smartphone. So at some stage in the moments when two persons are together, it could be said that it'll be valuable for them to put their Smartphone away.

That is unless their Smartphones are a marvelous part of the conversation; in this case, it might not have a negative effect on the interaction. But in typical, there will be no use for his or her devices to be on show.

A Distraction

This is because when one has their device on show; it can stop them from being capable of be in the present moment. While they can be with someone else, part of them can be waiting for his or her device to off.

Yet if it was out of their sight, it could be a lot easier for them to be with the person in front of them. At an analogous time, if one was expecting a marvelous call or message, it would be different.


When two persons are present, they will be capable of listen to what the other person has to say, and not only will this advantage their current interaction, it'll also advantage their relationship as a entire. Through listening to the other person, one will be capable of ask them questions and/or to offer them their support, and this will show that one cares about what they've got to say.

Along with this, one will also know what to talk about once they are next in contact with them. For example, if their friend has a marvelous event or an audition coming up, they will be capable of wish them luck; but if one didnt listen to what they were pronouncing, this wouldnt be possible.

Customer Service

However, while being present is a marvelous part of having fulfilling relationships; it is also a marvelous part of having a victorious business. When someone goes somewhere to shop for some thing, there is a powerful possibility that they're going to should be served or greeted by someone who is present.

Through being dealt with this way, there is a higher possibility that they're going to conclude up buying some thing. This is not to say that treating someone with respect will always lead to this outcome, as they may find that what they can purchase is cheaper somewhere else, as an example.


There are also going to be persons who will buy some thing from somewhere despite whether the persons who work there are present. This could be because it is the only place in their area that sells what they need.

Or it could come down to the fact that they dont expect the client service to be any better than it is. This could then be a sign that they are buying some thing from a speedy food restaurant or pretty a lot of kind of supermarket, as an example.

An Important Factor

But while there can be times when someone is willing to tolerate this kind of behaviour, there are going to be times once they wont. And although this could be because they are looking out to spend plenty of money; this is almost certainly not the case.

It could simply come down to that fact that they should be dealt with like a human being rather than an object. Through being present, it'll permit one to acknowledge some other person and this can cause them to feel as though they are valuable.


If a business was to trust that their customers don't seem to be valuable, it wouldnt subject how they dealt with them. However, through having this outlook, it would cause them to lose plenty of customers and they might even go into chapter 11.

Clearly, customers are a vital part of any business, and this is because a business wouldnt survive with out them. This is not to say that they've got to give someone special treatment, it simply skill being in the moment.

Being Present

When one is in the present moment, they aren't going to be taking into account what they will do that evening and they are not going to be taking into account the weekend, as an example. Their focus will be on what is currently taking place.

A client can then feel as though they aren't just some other number and that they are valued. As a result of this, there is a higher possibility that they're going to conclude up coming back again.

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