Easy Home Automation – Whole House Exhaust Fan Remote Control Via Smartphone

Easy Home Automation - Whole House Exhaust Fan Remote Control Via Smartphone

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Whole house exhaust fan remote control via iPhone or smartphone

Suppose you return abode to a hot, stuffy house. What do you do? If the open air temperature is cooler than it is inside, you turn on your whole house fan. Cool open air air is drawn in through an open window and the recent stuffy air is moved open air.

Not all homes have an accomplished house exhaust fan. New homes typically have faith in central air conditioning to manipulate indoor temperature. If your home has an accomplished house fan you can economize on your electric bill by relying more on the the fan and much less on a/c.

Some homes have whole house exhaust fans mounted in the ceiling of the acceptable ground in their abode. Cooler open air air is drawn from open windows elsewhere in the house, forced into the attic and exhausted to the open air via an attic ventilation louver or ridge vent. This setup additionally helps move your hot attic air to the open air.

Other homes use a fan placed in a upstairs window. It is operated it rather a lot like an accomplished house exhaust fan — it pulls cool air into the house through other open windows and moves it open air via the window fan. This arrangement works, but does not move as rather a lot air as does an enormous permanently-installed whole house fan.

Manual control for whole house exhaust fan

Usually a wall switch is used to change the fan on and off and control its pace. The window fan has an on/off switch and pace control integral to the fan unit. Someone has to bodily operate the switch.

Smartphone control for whole house exhaust fan

With easy abode automation there is way to manipulate the fan out of your web-enabled iPhone or smartphone. If you already have Internet service and a router, you want only a couple of easy abode automation modules for setup.

First you must turn your whole house fan into a "smart fan" with a modular on/off equipment switch. For your plug-in window fan, you can get a modular abode automation Insteon switch for beneath $35. If you have a troublesome-wired whole house fan mounted in your ceiling, you'll must install an Insteon challenging-wired equipment switch. If you're not qualified to do that yourself, you must hire an electrician.

You want a central controller that will receive your directions out of your web-enabled smartphone and send them along to the off/on module controlling the fan. You can get an inexpensive Insteon central controller for beneath $130.

Connect the central controller to your router utilizing an Ethernet cable. Plug the controller into a within sight wall outlet. Download a compatible abode automation app on your iPhone or Smartphone. After you link all the elements together, you're all set for whole house exhaust fan control utilizing your smartphone — although you're away from abode.

How to get started

A awesome way to start out easy abode automation is with an Insteon starter kit that includes the central controller, plus a small equipment switch module and a couple of lamp modules for remote lighting control.

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