Flash Your ECU

Flash Your ECU

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This article will clarify greater about upgrading your sportbike functionality by enhancing the OEM motorbike laptop computer or virtual manage unit. This component is to boot outlined as the ECU. Flashing the sportbike ECU is the fate as a long way as increasing engine functionality.

What's an ECU?

It's the virtual manage unit or the motorbike 'brain" The ecu controls the complete factor to do with engine functionality:

gasoline injection parameters in response to temperature, drive, altitude, rpm, throttle place, resources decision
engine timing for the 2 resources, throttle opening and engine rpm, engine load
secondary throttle plate opening fee for individual gears
speedy and gradual idle rpm
cushy and hard rev limiter manage
this manner of lot lifelike speed limiter for optimal sorts

Those are handiest of the few concerns an ECU does. The bike may this manner of lot likely also no longer run with out the european functioning correctly.

I principle I necessary a Power Commander.

The Dynojet Power Commander has been king for about 10 years. Dynojet makes lot of engine functionality electronics. The issuer even makes chassis dynos to measure engine hp and torque at the rear wheels. This is a greater perfect thanks to measure exact automotive functionality. There are motorbike dynos and 4 wheeler dynos.

There is the PC or vigour commander to set the gasoline injection parameters, the ignition module to set timing, the vehicle-song module to immediately regulate the gasoline map on the fly, a sizeable array of map switches, transient shifters, liquid crystal display wellknown and a sizeable the many of functionality enhancing constituents. Dynojet relatively hundreds of 1000's has a monopoly accurate here.

What's so Good about Flashing My ECU?

If you get your ECU flashed efficiently by a seasoned, you could this manner of lot likely also no longer need any of this dynojet stuff anymore. Uh Oh. You will need get accurate to utilize to a bike dyno ,although, for the optimal highly effective resultseasily from your remaining Flash settings. All the settings you spot up above inner the What's an ECU subtitle? That's what a reflash will reset.

All the ones engine parameters will also be optimized for max functionality. Emissions will take a 2nd row seat. This is a mod for racing. Course if the bike happens to fortify to be on the home road each and every and each and on event, neatly, you recognize. You can specify in which the rpm limiter to are accessible. You can specify what classification of gasoline you could be operating. When would you adore the ones secondaries to open? What resources? Do you adore to specify what the engine timing desires to be? Or enable your tuner/flasher decide. Do you adore to do away with the 186 MPH speed limiter? Hmmm?

Can I flash any manufacturer's variant sportbike?

Short reply is hardly very unavoidably any. Not yet. This service/modification is in it be a long way infancy. There are handiest a host of valid tuners doing this now. There are to boot some scammers on-line doing this. Suzuki all started doing this a host of years during the former. The factory inner mostly the most designed the OEM ecu on a form of their motorcycles so a host of of the engine parameters may this manner of lot likely be basically replaced by hooking up a exceedingly the many laptop computer interface cable and doing away with the this manner of lot lifelike speed limiter or converting the max rev restriction.

Kawasaki has been making basically replaced race ecus for 10 years. They are very costly. Ducati makes unique race ecus pre-optimized for unique exhausts and racing applications. Aprilia does the equal factor. Some other producers make unique race ecus that basically must no longer functional for house road driving. Custom ECUs like the Nemesis is in the retail outlets. This is stove of hundreds of 1000's a refreshing ECU which will be totally customizable. A seasoned must set this up. This new technology makes optimizing the OEM ECU relatively low-priced for the frequent sportbike rider.

Is flashing my ECU Safe?

It's stable once you will be able to have applied your homework and relied in your ECU to a tuner with an awfully outstanding high-quality attractiveness. If you give your ecu to just each and every individual advertizing on the necessary difficulties superhighway, you could this manner of lot likely also additionally pay the well worth. The cost is an ECU fortify into accurate into a BRICK. Use it for a doorstop now.

Will this MOD Void My Warranty?

Yes it optimal this manner of lot likely will. I would advise doing this. Buy your self a tight used ECU in your bike or buy a new one. Shop around. When you get it, take a look at it in your bike. This ecu or your OEM ecu will be a spare. If it's your decision to take your bike in for warranty work, just swap out the ecus. It's an indisputable swap out.

Dealers can void your warranty for a spread of causes inner the event that they doubtless must. Have you positioned in a entire exhaust? The Dealer can void the guaranty. Missed a day-to-day service? Dealer can void. Experienced riders will let you recognize to be nice with the broker. Don't visit the broker except for for warranty service. Maybe buy some stuff from their retail keep.

When you do your possess service, progressively save the receipts. Write the mileage down once you possibly did the service. That's all it's your decision to divulge the broker if the motor blows up or the tranny goes poor. The stealership is an imperative evil. Maybe I'm too cynical. Many folk riders with a part adventure enjoy the equal way.

Where can I get this Reflash applied?

You will must send the european off. Guhl autos is horny for Kawasaki sorts. AF-1 racing is the one for the Aprilia. Check on-line for others. The optimal highly effective references you would hit upon out will be on sportbike nationwide boards. You desires to be a member of as a minimum a couple boards, one nationwide and one vicinity. These boards are unbelievable elements to be told about your bike. You may this manner of lot likely also make some lifestyles long chums. I have self assurance I have.

How hundreds of 1000's is this going to payment me?

Plan on $475.00 for the normal flash and a reflash optimization. There are other chances obtainable. You may this manner of lot likely also take into accounts deciding to purchase that 2nd ECU just in case. If you will be able to have a appear at the payment of flashing to the payment of a personalised map and a PC, the flash will be a part greater payment-effective and the resultseasily will be a long way way greater priceless. Who needs a vicinity of ECU apparatus with wires operating in each and every single place the frame? This is the dynojet setup. Who needs engine beginning up delays by this truth of the electronics inner the vigour commander? The ECU reflash is the bizarre thanks to maneuver.

OK, How do I try this?

Start your comparison. Might take you a host of weeks or a month. Learn all which you could be. Call the tuner on the smartphone. The tuner needs this to be triumphant. Word of mouth may this manner of lot likely also mean a load greater industrial endeavor for his issuer.

Consider doing this: Ride your bike over to a dynojet chassis dyno. Have the operator make some runs in your bike and print out the concepts. This must no longer payment you loads of 1000's as the dyno operator is hardly very unavoidably rising a personalised map for a vigour commander which takes decades.

You like to send this pull concepts to your ecu tuner at the home of your ecu inner the mail. Of route inform your tuner what mods you will be able to have made to the bike. This will truly primary factors him out. It may this manner of lot likely also additionally prevent the hassle of having to do a reflash so to totally optimize the european settings in your bike. Contact your tuner for his proper directions on what to do.

When you get the ECU returned, take a look at the bike out totally. Then give the tuner some concepts. Talk to your tuner for my half on the smartphone. He needs to discuss with you. Maybe you would desire a reflash tweak. There are facilities inner the market which could will show you how to reflash the european the 2nd time by your self at possess family. This service is being perfected now. How convenient would that be? Find out greater about this from your tuner.


Did you be informed some factor? Maybe I bored you to demise. in case you should be on the slicing edge, this way is for you. It's state of the artwork stuff. If my next bike turns out to be what I plan, I'll be deciding to purchase a pre-flashed race ECU from AF-1 racing. I'll have my OEM ecu as my spare. If you examine the factor, you recognize what I favor as my next bike. It's the Factory variant.

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