Greenhouse Effect, Wisley

Greenhouse Effect, Wisley

RHS Wisley are repeating their butterfly exhibit, with hundreds of tropical butterflies let loose in the greenhouses. I was went over on Friday en route down to Dorset to have a look at them, and got thrown out at closing time when the sun was going down behind the palms and streaming windows.

There’s a good number of shots from the afternoon and I’d recommend a visit to anyone – though you might want to warm your camera up before heading in. Coming in from the cold with a magnesium body, my kit instantly condensed a litre or so of ambient moisture and I spent the first fifteen minutes constantly drying it with a lens cloth.

Here’s the first upload – more to come of the sunset that followed and the butterflies that preceded this one. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying life!

Posted by flatworldsedge on 2011-01-30 17:21:40

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