Flooded Room
June 21, 2011 by admin
The flooded living room
For almost 2 weeks i the studio in Copenhagen was transformed into a small pool, creating a scene in which henrik and his crew build a complete livingroom flooded with more than 5000 liters of water.

The assignment was to create a serie of images headed for insurance usage, and with keywords like accidents and mishaps, Henrik added a bit of humour to the shoot, ensuring that the images did not turn out to be too catastrophic.




June 7, 2011 by admin

Passion for pictures

The idea is everything but without the talent of transforming it into a visual strong image – it is nothing.
Henrik excels in creating clean and graphic imagery with a clear and strong message, often with a touch of humor. The fact that his work and assignments are diversifying constantly is paralleling, and at the same time fueling, his strong sense of curiosity and engagement, leaving him eager and excited to continuously meet many more new challenges.
Working with him, clients, Art directors or Art Buyers often experience the veritable storm of ideas that he generates – Always ready to work even harder to get the right shot, the right mood, the strongest expression.
And although this flod of energy and ideas sometimes seems caotic, producer Lars Sohl is the man who secures all deadlines and budgets.
Born 1967 in Denmark, Henrik began working as a photographer after his studies ended in 1985 – at that time with photojournalism as his primary field of work.
Throughout the 1990`s Henrik Sorensen became well known as magazine photographer, and his editorial work and portraits was featured in most leading Danish and European magazines.
After a decade working mostly with editorial jobs, Henrik moved from documentary and into commercial photography.
4 years ago Henrik added underwater photography to his “toolbox”, utilizing the submerged universe as a creative field, discovering that some ideas are conceptually enhanced by shooting in liquid space.
He has developed a mutually respectful relationship with the Getty Images Creative Department as well as with other clients, always producing highly innovative and successful commercial shoots.
Henrik’s images are available for commercial usage through www.gettyimages.com, and other websites.

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