How to Create a Blog People Will Read

How to Create a Blog People Will Read

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Does it appear to be you spend hours and hours each week reading blogs that fascinate you? And after youre done, do you stare into space above your computer or phone screen, questioning what two cents it's also possible to have to offer the world?

Guess what: the world wants to hear your voice! The problem is that among so many hundreds of thousands of other voices, yours can be hard to hear. Creating a blog that individuals can actually discover and that theyll want to read can be challenging.

There are a choice of information and tricks, though, that will make your blog stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to be told how to create a blog from idea to conception, and how to write blog posts to fill it with.

Choose Your Platform

When starting a blog, several platforms are available to pick from. You may want to take heed to their features, support, and usability.

The tremendous contenders are:

If you think your platform doesnt matter, think again. Each has its own distinct features that it's also possible to want to really read up on before choosing your blogs new dwelling house. is one of the main commonly used blogging platforms out there, thanks to its versatility. Heres the deal with WordPress. There are two different websites: and is a blog-building platform on which you can construct your blog from scratch, pulling from over 55,000 plugins. Its free to use, but you should pay for a domain name and hosting.

You can do that using WordPress or using a second party. Learn more about hosting options on Bluehost, a hosting service that offers everything from email accounts to 24/7 online support., on the other hand, is the hosting service created by the same founder of


Blogger is an grand option for folks who arent super techy. If you dont want the hassle of building your own blog from scratch, Blogger is maybe for you. They have plenty of nice templates to decide upon from, and any individual with a Google account can comment on your blog posts.

The downside to Blogger is that its now not updated as continually as WordPress. That means fewer theme rollouts and bug fixes.


If you desire to add a social point to your blogging revel in, Tumblr is the approach to go. When you sign into the site, youll be faced with your own personal feed of posts from blogs you follow. Tumblr amasses them for you in one handy newsfeed, so you dont have to hunt all your favorite Tumblr blogs down to stay updated on their content.

Tumblr also makes it super easy to interact with your blogging community. You can like or reblog other peoples posts, either including them to your own favorites folder or posting them on your own blog.

They also feature really clean, simple themes that can come off as inventive or as professional as youd like.

Domain and Hosting

If youve chosen to go with, youre going to need to get external hosting. Blogger and Tumblr will both host your blog right on their platform.

Once youve got your hosting all squared away, youll want to get your own domain name. Although most blogging platforms will give you a webpage address, itll always be a spin-off of their website name, such as If you want a traditional domain, like, youll need to pay a hosting service.

These can cost anyplace from $10-$1,000,000 monthly (really). The higher demand there is for your domain, the more itll cost you to preserve month to month.

Sticking to your name is always an excellent idea. It allows for more personal branding, and may additionally always be on the extra low end of this cost spectrum.

Consider Design

Once youve signed up for each of the services and platforms youll need, you can start to design your actual blog! Each blogging platform will offer a diversity of free themes to base your blog on, but youll even be capable of finding some 3rd party themes out there if none of them suit your fancy.

Using a minimal design is always an excellent go-to since that design style makes a blog easy to navigate. If minimalism isnt your thing, just be bound to create clear-cut navigation using your blog to verify your readers wont wander off.

Pick Plugins

WordPress has a whole host of user-created plugins that you can decide upon from to add to your blog. You can discover contact forms, password protection, and even SEO optimization to your blog simply and easily using plugins.

Blogger features plugins like this as well, but Blogger hosts them. They offer a more limited choice, but installing them is super user-pleasant. You can literally drag and drop your Blogger plugins into the spots you want them on your site, making it easy as pie to add diverse elements to your blog.

Tumblr offers the least in the way of plugins. Their plugins are built into different themes, so you wont be able to customize your readers revel in a lot. They do offer plugins for your newsfeed revel in, though!

Write Your Copy

Your platform is chosen, accounts are made, and your blog is ultimately designed to your liking. Before you add content, consider writing some compelling copy to introduce your readers to your little nook of the internet and let them know how to get in touch with you.

On your about internet page, tell your readers a little bit about yourself, where you come from, and what your interests are. Readers love once they feel like they know the person on the other side of the screen, so dont be afraid to get personal!

Add a picture so they can put a face to the name, and tell a little about your blogging niche, so they know what to expect from your content.

On your contact internet page, come with your email address, but by no means your personal phone number or address. After all, your site might be public!

Invite readers to get in touch to discuss your content or anything else that might additionally strike their fancy. Building an online community is one of the premier perks of blogging. Youll really get some emails from new guests wanting to talk about the ideas youre sharing that week.

What to Write About

Now its time to get to the nitty gritty: actually writing your blog posts. If youre scratching your head questioning what to write about, pull out a chunk of paper and a pen.

Write down ten things you know anything more than the common person about. You dont have to be an expert on a topic to write a blog post. In fact, its this form of thinking that keeps so many bloggers at nighttime, feeling unqualified to share their ideas.

You are qualified to share every idea you have, daily. Youre now not claiming science, but you are claiming your own experiences. Own them.

After youve got your list of ten things you know something about, break it down even further. Think of three attainable blog posts you could write on each topic.

For occasion, if you wrote photography as one of your ten areas of knowledge, you could break that down into:

Choosing your first DSLR camera
How to shoot in manual on your DSLR camera
A guide to composing beautiful images

See? Its that straightforward. After this workout, youll have thirtycount emthirty blog posts waiting to be written.

Starting a blog can be intimidating, but just take into account that its your space to share your ideas.

Add Visuals

If you put photography on your list of ten areas of knowledge, like in the example above, youre lucky. Not everyone has that science, and finding engaging visuals for your blog can certainly be a challenge if youre no good behind a lens.

Plenty of free stock photography websites are out there that will allow you to use images royalty-free. This is an extra special option for the beginning blogger who chiefly just demands content to get up and running.

Once you (and your readers!) fall more and more in love with your blog, though, these wont feel more than ample anymore. This is because theyre now not necessarily particular to you, your corporation enterprise, your voice, or your content.

Luckily, smartphones nowadays grow better and better at taking professional-stage photos at a fraction of the cost of professional cameras. If you dont have the consideration in getting into photography, stick to supplying your own visuals using your phone.

Itll feel more personal for your readers, and may additionally even probably spur new content ideas for you!

Create a Blog Today

Hopefully, youve learned ample blogging for beginners information and tricks here to open a new tab and create a blog straight away. Before too long, your blog might be read by so many individuals that youll be able to host paid advertisements!

Want to be told more about how to run a successful blog? Check out our other content way articles. We love to share knowledge that helps bloggers like you reach their writing aims!

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