Impact of Social Media on Consumers

Impact of Social Media on Consumers

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They are no extra people as of late, rather friends of brands- Thanks to social media. The trends in social media are getting evolved each passing day. Brands are deploying all possible tactics to nurture lasting relationship with customers. And, social media is central to all their customer-centric events. The way social media has impacted consumer behavior over the years is something impressive. Right from keeping posted about the hot offers of the day and going to the extent of soliciting remarks from customers about their shopping experience, brands' use of social media has unleashed huge impact on people as of late.

According to statistics published in a Deloitte report, 47 percent of millennials take their get hold of decisions based on social media influence. An interesting finding published in that report was, people as of late who access social media whilst shopping tends to spend four occasions extra on shopping.

Let's explore the main impacts that social media has on people as of late.

1. Increased customer loyalty through personalized offerings

You may possibly have heard of a refrain that goes like this, "consumer-business relationship ends when the latter completes the buying process". This refrain has no relevancy in fashionable occasions. With social media on the helm of affairs, brands try to foster an enduring relationship with people as of late and win their loyalty. And, this is achieved through various styles of customer engagement in social media.

It is small little things which are making a difference in the consumer angle. What is that? How is that customer loyalty being achieved?

Generally, brands get to know the taste and preferences of folk as of late whilst soliciting small print at varied stages of the buying process. Through this data, they personalize the offers for products or other stuff for which the customer has evinced interest. This gets communicated to the respective consumer through social media channels and there begins the brand-consumer engagement post the 1st get hold of.

Indeed, this will certainly be a surprise for customers who would love to see something special for the product which they like so much. This act gets translated into a second-time get hold of. And, this time around brands succeeds in their efforts to win the loyalty of customers.

2. Connecting with people to choose the correct alternative

Social media off late has become a hub spot of information dissemination. However, this is through one other fashion. And, that's by interconnecting people. There isnt a chunk of information that one can't find in social media channels. If a customer intends to know the user review of a product/service, it can be done with ease.

Illustration: – Let's presume that a prospective customer wishes to know the review of a smartphone. He/she can do it by getting connected with people on a real time basis and solicit the necessary remarks. It can either be by posting queries in groups or by getting in touch with the known circles. The emergence of social groups and social forums is a testament to it.

three. Better bargaining for better deals

Social media has fueled intense competition amongst brands on various fronts. As it is currently being witnessed, it is on the price front and other value added offerings. In some cases, even customers get confused, now not knowing the brand to align with. However, on the other facet social media strengthens customers to take the correct get hold of decision. Just by liking the social pages of brands, customers can get to know the latest deals that a brand is offering on its range of products and other benefits as such. By following and tracking the updates in respective brand pages, a precise alternative near to purchasing process can be deciphered.

Brands even offer exclusive benefits for its social followers. Social media, in other words has fostered a personal relationship between brands and people as of late.

The impact of social media on people as of late was so immense to an extent that people rely on it for soliciting opinions, reviews, and remarks. In fact, brands encourage followers to post queries of any kind on their social pages, and for which they guarantee an immediate reply. Brands can take the assistance of social media marketing corporations in devising effective social media plan as a way to impact people as of late in a superb way.

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