IPhone App Development Trends 2018

IPhone App Development Trends 2018

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We all are aware that cellular app industry is a duopoly of Android and IOS. In 2017, more than 160 million iPhones were shipped worldwide and there's no surprise in it that Apple is breaking its own records each and every year.  With developing speed of iPhone app development, it's high time for the iOS developers to forestall a tab on the new IOS Trends that would boom this industry in 2018.  Lets have a look at the trends that will rule in 2018 and beyond.

  Apple Payments – We all know that digital payments are the fate of transactions and the introduction of Apple pay has proved to be the more useful cellular payment method ever.  Apple has made it easier for the Apple users to make purchases for food, shopping online transfer of money, booking movie tickets etc., with the use of this apple wallet.  In the coming years with the help of Apple pay iOS users can do the cashless transactions conveniently. In 2018 we are going to see apple payment users will fortify enormously for making E-Commerce transactions on IOS applications.  This digital online cellular wallet will support all the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, Mac laptops, iOS watches and much more.  Apple pay has become one of the most supported contactless Payment Technology all over the world. Wallet also ensures best-notch robustness of security.

  Apple Home Kit – A original enthusiasm has been seen in developers and designers for Apple domestic kit.  This is truly an Apple method created for domestic automation that will help the smart gadgets to have a communication with each other.  Apple domestic kit is in the eye of engineers and it will indisputably replace all other automation applications in 2018. This is a one-stop app for all the domestic accessories which you can use like to turn off your AC, lights etc. from your iPhone itself. This futuristic technology is motivating the iOS developers to create remarkable apps that may connect Apple domestic kit to your domestic appliances.

  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – If you are worried with the cellular Development Industry, then you is perhaps aware of those two terms.  If we go back to the launch of iOS 11 then we can clearly be counted that the most talked feature was its support to augmented reality applications.  Also, we can see that IOS applications are more based on the premise of augmented reality and Virtual reality.  If you overlooked out, most of the Tech companies are talking about AR and VR to rule in 2018 and, IOS is taking the lead because iOS developers are abreast of the technological advancements and they have got all the necessary tools to make most out of this new technology.  Developers are building AR, VR and other 3d applications that are compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Therefore we can count on something big from the iOS developer in the form of AR and VR apps in 2018.

  Swift4 Language – In June 2016 Apple launched Swift 3.0 which was the primary step towards this direction and now Apple has launched Swift 4 mature programming language which is the predecessor to its older version for the event of apps for iOS, watchOS etc. It is very popular among the designers and developers as it's highly robust and adaptable language which can help the developers to build apps often without compromising the security parameters. The best feature of Swift language is that it consumes less memory as compared to the alternative versions or goal C language.

  Cloud-based Applications – Integrating the cloud-based Technologies into your apps is something that may give wings to your application and this is the reason iOS developers are more focusing on cloud-based applications.  The advantage of cloud-based applications is its enhanced storage feature which won't waste the internal memory of a device.  Apart from this cloud-based apps resolve the worry of data security as well.

  Internet of Things – IOT is a Buzz world that is gaining immense eminence with each passing day.  The revenues and profits from IOT are developing at a truly fast rate. The growth of IoT is directly impacting the smartphone applications and this is the reason that developers are building applications that may communicate well with the internet-enabled devices.  IOS app developers are getting aspired to create robust, sophisticated and value-adding apps for the users to help them to get most out of their IOT products. The key areas of concentrate will be the recognition of digital signals and insecure exchange of details over the Wi-Fi networks.  An Apple watch 2 is the perfect example to show the fate of IOT.

  AI and Contextual Learning for Siri – I believe Siri wants no introduction, we are already well aware of Siri. However, with the help of AI and contextual learning, Siri can act as a task manager and will use a GPS code or QR code. This will help Siri in understanding what people are searching and speaking in a neater way.

Incentivize innovation in the iOS development field has helped Apple win all volume battles with higher revenues and better margins. Apple has a lot to offer to its iOS developers and IOS users in coming 2019.  To avail all these advancements one should stay connected with the upcoming trends in the market.

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