KSO Design Committee Image submission

KSO Design Committee Image submission

Hi Steve,

As representatives of the KSO Team, here is our selection of designs that
we envision for our workspace. Enjoy!

Workspace Design Pictures

Knowledge Services Team
Bring the outside – in. Using an open meeting space that is
providing cubby areas to store personal items and a library of magazines
and publications with provided quite space. This would be used for
checking e-mail, meetings.

Knowledge Services Team
A whiteboard surrounding the parameter of this board room allows
flexibility when sharing ideas. This concept is very similar to
Conference Center B & C in LP2.

Knowledge Services Team
Modular Walls with the ability to configure rooms,
sizable rooms and control noise. Glass walls contribute
to an open atmosphere and allow light to be bounced
throughout space.

Knowledge Services Team
Comfortable seating with natural light and ability to
move chairs around. A centralized table in the middle
with the ability to face one another, and the individual desks still allow
for private space to work.

Knowledge Services Team
Working as one, providing a multi-functional team / individual workspace.

Knowledge Services Team
Meeting Pods with adjustable sizes that vary depending
on the size of meeting requests. These inflatable pods also
provide white noise to increase privacy and decrease noise disturbance.

Knowledge Services Team
Innovative seating with easy access to a video screen
and laptop hook-up(s).

Knowledge Services Team
For hotelling staff and visitors, create working bars
along the windows or long interior walls. The interior floor
space can be used for meeting spaces and desks.

Knowledge Services Team
Everyone needs “alone time” to either focus or make personal calls.
These pods are ideal to achieve personal space without taking up a
lot of office real estate.

Knowledge Services Team
Seating with tables, phones, and electric outlets, with the
ability to control noise. Pocket doors allow for privacy when needed.

Knowledge Services Team
Chairs and tables on wheels, functional, flexibility and
movement of the furniture.

Knowledge Services Team
Creating spaces that are easy ways to check e-mail or wait
for a colleague before a big meeting, and will bring xESC
people together. Multi use areas can maximize our use of
space – 1) individual chairs for making phone calls or checking email
2) conference tables for informal group meetings/discussion and
3) booth with tables for one on one discussions.The glass enclosure
gives the sense of separation and the environment inside “tells”
people what to do in there. I think this was for a different photo!

Knowledge Services Team
The Tampa ESC is in Florida, let’s take advantage
of that by working outside! This picture represent
furniture ideas to accommodate outdoor work seating.

Knowledge Services Team
Locker space for employees to store personal items.
Other storage options might be rolling file cabinets
or group file areas.

Thank you,

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