Manor Nursery, Angmering

Manor Nursery, Angmering

This is the next area to be reorganized. By next weekend, there will be two rows of summer hanging baskets, hanging from the pipes all the way to the end. Before that can happen, I need to find a home for the four trollies of vegetable plants, and all those metal plant frames and wigwams. Before I can do that, either Teddy or myself will have to create some more benches!

The busy season has hit. Only a few weeks ago we were snowbound … now spring has sprung and it’s manic. Busy is better than bored.

For the most part, there are only two of us working in the Plantaria – myself and Teddy. That’s when Teddy isn’t out on deliveries, that is. I’m more or less in charge of the trees and shrubs, and Teddy does the herbs … and we both do the flowers … but we help each other out wherever needed. There are no concrete boundaries! As well as the outdoor plant area, we have one unheated greenhouse, and one polythene covered walkway.

We do the ordering, either from our own nursery, or from outside … then unload the plants when they come in. Inevitably everything arrives at once. We set up the irrigation, or water some things by hand. We weed, we feed. We create the plant displays, then change them all again a few days later. We give people advice, and often help them plan out their dream gardens.

If something needs fixing, we fix it. Unless we can’t … but usually we can. Last Saturday it was one of the loos that decided to flood! So add mopping up floors to the list … If a lorry comes in, we get the forklift out and unload it. Unloading heavy pallets of compost is scary! Pots are even scarier, because if you drop the pallet … crash go the pots!

I work four days a week here, plus several hours a week at home on the computer, doing the website, designing information leaflets, or printing the bed labels. I don’t get paid for that … I do it because I love the job. Anyone who works in horticulture knows it’s not just a job, it’s a way of life.

I have a second job too … one day a week and two nights, organizing and delivering the local free paper. Every Wednesday I walk 25 miles! In total I work between 60-70 hours a week. I get very tired, and sometimes quite ratty! Especially when it’s cold … I really don’t do cold weather! This winter was hard … too hard. But that’s how life goes … spring is here now, that’s the main thing!

As you can imagine … I don’t get much free time or ‘me time’. My two escape routes are travel … at every opportunity … and Flickr!

Almost everything I do is done on the run … and that includes my photos. My camera lives in my pocket, and if I see something that excites me, I try to catch the moment before it’s gone. Perhaps I have to avoid the boss … or maybe I’m doing ten other things at once en route to somewhere else … but there is rarely time to set up the perfect scene. Spontaneous, that’s the word!

Then … later … I share them … and here they are …

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