My Favorite Sacramento Restaurants The global’s Best Barbecue Sandwich Is Inside A Little Sacramento Restaurant

My Favorite Sacramento Restaurants The global's Best Barbecue Sandwich Is Inside A Little Sacramento Restaurant

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My favourite Sacramento restaurants: The worldwide's most proper fish fry sandwich is inside only a little Sacramento restaurant:

Hello, and thanks for tuning in to today's blow their own horns. We're going to take a extra in-intensity examine one specified bbq sandwich that I love extra than the other. We took our cellular stand round town (courtesy of A Southern Komfort Cafe) for remarks during this spicy warm-link sandwich that I love to speak so a lot fairly well. We're riding round inside the Carmichael, CA. place, surfing for an private to give us their take at the worldwide well-recognised sandwich.

Oh, there's a girl walking out of the store!

L.W. Seals: Hello, how are you doing today?

Lady: O.K. , and also you?

L.W. Seals: Great. We don't awfully imply to trojan horse you inside the least, having acknowledged that we're going across the metropolis all day today, getting remarks from all moms and dads who attempts this delicious bbq sandwich, courtesy of A Southern Komfort Cafe.

Lady: BBQ sandwich? What's is it produced from?

L.W. Seals: This is the worldwide well-recognised bbq beef warm-link (well-nigh warm sausage) sandwich that's taken into consideration one of the dishes at the menu at A Southern Komfort Cafe, a Barbecue/Soul delicacies restaurant in sacramento.

Lady: Well I'm not awfully very little by little used with the Sacramento place, so I would'nt know where that's spotted.

L.W. Seals: Actually, it would be spotted in Citrus Heights. Here's a flier inside the event you're ever in Northern Sacramento. There's a chit on it and the complete lot.

Lady: Thank you so a lot. I am a fan of spicy foods. However, I consistently don't eat an outsized number of fish fry.

L.W. Seals: Well, precise here you go…Try this, and tell me how you want it…

Lady: Wow, that's extraordinarily reasonably purposeful. I think about or not it's miles going to also be one of the most proper lunch sandwich I've ever had. I'll most maybe wish fashion of a important deal of wet-naps to blank my fingers with, having acknowledged that I give it some thought would be well worth it. Do you may nonetheless any volume moreover fliers or firm cards?

L.W. Seals: Bingo! Here ya go. Feel free to move them alongside to your complete associates and family. Here's a bottle of water to scrub it down.

Lady: Thanks.I will definately move the word on. Thanks once extra.

L.W. Seals: No issue. Thank you to it slow.

Well, whether or not you like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Thai, or other styles of delicacies…Next time you test with Sacramento, make a commute to A Southern Komfort Cafe. "It Must Be the Sauce!!"

You already know that I give it some thought would be one of the most proper fish fry sandwich inside the worldwide, having acknowledged that you have not acquired to take my word for it. Hey, that little boy or girl's in search of to take off with our cart! Get again precise here…Gotta go, hope to find out you temporarily!

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