New Business Cards

New Business Cards

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Alright before I start I have a funny story about these business cards. So of course I got myself some new cards, I ordered them a couple weeks ago, I order 1000 cards, and I had 10 different backs for all of them so 100 of each card. So today while I was at work Fedex came around to deliver the package and thankfully my brother was home to pick it up. Now 1000 cards weighs in at about 6 pounds, thats even what the tracking form from Fedex said too. But according to my brother the Fedex person walked up to our door hunched over with this large box and my brother also knows that this package is only suppose to be 6 pounds cause I only ordered 1000 cards. So the man hands the box over to my brother and he said he was damn surprised cause it weighed about 50 pounds to him. When I got home and saw the package in my room I looked at it and picked it up and knew this was not 1000 cards. I opened one of the 10 boxes and grabbed ten cards, looked at the rest and simple said to myself holy shit… They gave me 10 000 cards so I have 1000 of each now. So awesome luck that they screwed up my order cause I only paid $140 after shipping for all my cards and I know that just shipping something that weighs 60 pounds would cost over $100 on its own so… Awesome! Figure someone there accidentally added a 0 to my order, they all got printed they already paid for shipping and realized I only order 1000. So they figured well they’re already printed and I already paid so they can’t charge me more for they’re mistake and they can’t use them or anything so they just decided to ship it to me anyway. At least thats what I figure happened here.

So just like last time I ordered these cards from Juke Box Print. They’ve always done a good job for me and they’re quite cheap compared to MOO, and actually the print quality from them is better compared to my brothers MOO cards he got a year ago. Though Juke Box doesn’t really do the infinite different backs like MOO does, I just got this one during a sale they had this past August, cause Juke Box Print charges at lot for multiple backs and I mean a lot. Normally a set of 10 different cards costs pretty much $500 for 1000 cards, I got mine for $100, so thats one disadvantage.

Also big thanks to my friend David (who can check his blog out here). He’s a student in graphic design and he just started up a small little blog this year, check it out if you have time. Nothing I like more than simple and clean… Kinda. Alright so this photo was pretty simple, I’ve done this trick many times before and I like how it looks so I did it again. I just dumped a bunch of cards on the ground, raised one of each of the cards up with some film canisters (Neopan 400!) and there we go a somewhat unique look for a simple overhead shot. Gives me some nice separation and that shallow depth of field I always like. For a better idea of what it looked like check the comments section below.

Strobist Info
Nikon SB-800 directly above the frame just pointing right at the ceiling and with a while wall behind it, firing at 1/16 power. Also by raising the cards just a bit they get more light and cast a slight shadow underneath the bottom cards making them a touch darker while making the top cards pop out a little more.

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