Playful Minds Think Alike

Playful Minds Think Alike

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Everyone can make out the transition of technology from the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell to the smartphones of today. Sudden fact: Apple turned into not the inventor of the smartphone. It turned into IBM and the first ever regarded as smartphone turned into called Simon.
Going back to the topic at hand, these technologies are the results of the toils of genius masterminds in technology. The adage, Great minds think alike, is laid out by the tech titans given that their smartphones all look an identical only differing with the specifications and operating systems. If this is true for fantastic minds, so it is for playful ones.

The toy for every playful mind whatever the age must be could be the undying LEGOs. Lets agree to agree, shall we? LEGOs are being employed in certain areas of technology such as programming LEGO Mindstorms cellular telephone protective cases and docks, mp3 players, and external storage devices.

These little gears are available for everyone, not just the geeky fellows. In fact, they'll surely bring back the baby in every one folks.

LEGO Protective Cases

Just recently, Tinkerbrick launched their very own form for iPhones and iPods, a protective case that will be reminded of LEGO blocks for any individual who sees it. Another protective case for smartphones is the iPhone Brick Case that allows one to assemble essentially anything on the back of his phone. Only reminder is to stay it away from infants as they might mistake it for their favourite building blocks.

LEGO Speakers and Dock

LEGO speakers and dock in one is a creative twist for LEGO aficionados. The LEGO speakers need no batteries for it to function, simply stick your player on it. This nifty tool comes from Perpetual Kid so whenever you'd like to buy yourself one, you recognize the place to go.

And now whenever you are inquisitive about making use of those blocks to construct your own smartphone dock, Steven Combs has done it for you. His DIY iPhone dock is capable of sheltering your smartphone anyway you love landscape or portrait.

LEGO Data Storage

Introducing the Zip Zip Hard Drive now you may want to hugely be careful with this one because they dont come low cost. The Zip Zip Hard Drive Brick can stay 500 gigabytes up to one terabyte of memory. This is the playful counterpart for typical external hard disk drives already available in stores. Well, I do love LEGOs but sadly, I dont have the patience to build hugely complicated edifices without booklet. Nevertheless, leaving these impressive contraptions will be a waste. Hey, LEGO is not only for small kids sprawling about but moreover all for the young at hearts and holders of a playful mind.

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