Reasons To Choose Abu Dhabi As Your Next Holiday Destination

Reasons To Choose Abu Dhabi As Your Next Holiday Destination

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Abu Dhabi Holidays are considered to be colourful and vibrant. The popular capital of the progressive and prosperous United Arab Emirates, this city is a stand-alone trip destination on its own, with no envy closer to its more popular neighbouring city, Dubai. Abu Dhabi is more peaceful and quieter than Dubai, keeping its vibes a low key affair, but still making it a captivating trip destination. Abu Dhabi City Tour will wow its travellers with its spellbinding man-made islands, to lavish hotels, golden sand dunes, turquoise water body and thrilling waterparks, to name a few.

Abu Dhabi holidays has something for everyone, from friends to families, from adults to kids. The uncanny mixture of Abu Dhabis glamorous hotels and authentic Arabic charm and heritage invites visitors of all ages and kinds. The city is more traditional than Dubai where it bargains a very different sort of Arab and its opulence, mixed with rich traditions and well-grounded history. Abu Dhabi holidays is a total bundle, where visitors can take part in numerous different activities. Tourists can indulge themselves is rich Arabic culture, or make a splash in breath-takingly awesome waterparks or better yet live it up by exploring gorgeous hotels and shopping malls.

Popularly known as the the Garden City of the Gulf, Abu Dhabi is surrounded by vast lush green parks as well as shimmering, sparkling skyscrapers. Walk out of your hotel and lie down on the white shiny beach taking a sunbath or simply shop till you drop in magnificent malls. You can also make some money by trying your luck in the casinos. Abu Dhabi city tour lets you chill out in green gardens or stroll down to the Ferrari World Theme park.

As soon as you enter the city of rich Arabic culture, you will be tempted to leave the glitz and glamour of your hotel room, as soon as you feel refreshed, and venture out in the desirable golden city to explore different tourist attractions. Step inside the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, named after the founder and first President of United Arab Emirates, and take in the sight of desirable German chandeliers encrusted with Swarovski crystals and the magnificent structure of the building. This mosque is known to be the largest in the entire UAE and the eighth largest mosque in the World.

If you would like buy souvenirs for your friends and family back home, get going to the Heritage Village and shop from the local artisans for authentic handicrafts. You can also explore the local souqs during your Abu Dhabi city tour and haggle with the shopkeepers for handicrafts. Take a refreshment break when you are done shopping to your hearts content and try out some authentic Arabian delicacies along with multi-cuisine foodstuff in a fine restaurant.

Abu Dhabi may be one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, but visiting the city is more affordable as many may possibly think. Abu Dhabi holidays are for every history buff, a foodie and for an explorer where they can take the Abu Dhabi city tour in the comfort of a bus or spending an afternoon with a Bedouin tribe or better yet, bounding in a buggy on golden sand dunes.

Abu Dhabi, the city whose eyes are on the future and a foot is still rooted in the past, there are number of experience this city has to produce. The sun never stops shining in this city, not even in the depths of winter. If you would like escape the winter of your country, rev it up in this city and take part in star gazing the sky from desirable beaches while they relax on the sun baked sand. The region is renowned for making the tourists awestruck with the glamour and pizzazz that it has to produce.

There is always something happening in the city, from traditional to the rocking, always something that invites visitors to come and explore. Abu Dhabi Festival, a huge celebration of arts and culture that takes place during March every year, is an area where big activities and performances take place. If you are unable to at ease tickets for the wide shows, retailer an eye open for the free performances happening in the region. The place is also famous for camel racing. If you would like experience a substantial day out, cross watch one of the camel races taking place in the desert all year around. Moreover, entrance for these races are repeatedly free.

The man made Yas island, maintain concerts throughout the year and is known to hosting mostly the cream of the music world. Most of the tourists plan their trip in the city around an analogous time when their favourite artists are acting.

Abu Dhabi holidays will be one of the most memorable trip of your life. There are lots of contrasting places which you can go to on an Abu Dhabi city tour. If you are planning to cross on a trip, make certain Abu Dhabi tops the list of names you might want to go to.

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