She Eats- He Eats

She Eats- He Eats

My twin kittens, Ragnar and Freja are 10 months old now, and showing little sign of slowing down! They are impossible brats, but knowing they will grow out of it eventually, and be sweet natured cats is getting me through the somewhat adolescent phase!

Ragnar is on the left. He has a normal tail, and Freja is a manx. She has always been a little smaller and more dainty, while he’s all Tom cat! Siblings to the core, they roughhouse and scrap, but mostly they work like a tag team.

The other night, I was waiting to let them out of the bedroom- something that can’t happen unless no one is coming or going, or they’d be out the door and run over by a car! They are fast as lightning. My nephew was supposed to be coming over, but called at 11 PM to say he was too tired, and by then it was so late, they never came out to run around. Big mistake!

Here’s how my night went. First, they were climbing on everything they weren’t supposed to climb on. Then Freja started playing with the wires behind my bed! Of course, I’m trying to sleep through their antics, but that wasn’t happening! The lights went on, and the bed was jerked away from the wall to scare her away from getting electrocuted. Off went the lights. Two minutes later, the curtain rod came crashing down on their "perch", and onto Freja! On went the lights, up went the curtain rod, and major screaming and threatening ensued. Okay, off went the lights. Then it was Ragnar’s turn. He got in his litter box and played, "let’s dump ALLLL this litter onto Mom’s bedroom floor! ALLLL of it!" On went the lights, the litter was swept up, and more threatening and yelling occurred Then it was Freja’s turn! More sweeping, more threatening with bodily harm implied, and out went the lights.

Freja has a thing she likes to do that makes no sense to me, but she takes paper, or her catnip mice, and dunks it in their waterbowl! (One morning, a wet tissue greeted my foot as I slid into my flip flops. Eeeew. then I figured out it was some kind of gift. Yuk. Well, shoving things across the floor and rustling paper I had no idea where she got proceeded. Finally, I think I fell asleep from exhaustion.

About an hour before my alarm went off, I was rudely awakened by one of them attacking my big toe, probably because I irresistibly moved it under the covers. Claws went through my blanket and sheet and pierced my toe, and I began bleeding. Into the bathroom to clean and bandage my wound. More yelling- mostly from pain- and threatening proceeded. By the time I got back to sleep, my alarm went off.

Last night, they came out. They were more raucous than usual, and began shuffling something across the floor. I’m thinking it’s another piece of paper Freja found someplace, when I got up to put a mug in the sink. They were playing with a Palmetto Bug. Now, anyone who has lived in or visited Florida knows, these outdoor insects are nothing but a giant, flying ROACH! When I saw it was very muich alive, I screeched, "Get away from that!", to which Freja grabbed it in her MOUTH and ran with it, with Rags hot on her heels! Into MY BEDROOM they went, and under MY BED, with a big, fat, 2 inch long cockroach!!!

Okay, my brother was in his room listening to what was going on, and asked what it was. When I told him, he started laughing with a deep, belly laugh. I growled at him that if he didn’t stop, I was going to open his door and let them bring it in there! A second later, the (now lifeless looking) Palmetto Bug slid across the floor under my nightstand, so I squooshed it and flushed it, and Cloroxed my floor. I praised Freja for her hunting prowess, grateful that she didn’t EAT it. (I had a little kitten once that did!)

In case you think Freja is the worst of the two, think again. Rags defies everything fearlessly, and gets into twice the trouble she does, and I think he was the one who ripped my toe open! If I live through kittenhood, I will be happy.

Pray for me…..

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