Shirphie Li

Shirphie Li

Perception Deception
Acrylic on Canvas

My use of the skull allows for a universal link between people (it could be anybody’s skull) as well as mystery and intrigue (going back to the ‘anybody’s skull’ thing – whose skull is it? Is it one of a man? Or woman, boy, girl, child? Who?). The bone and skin separation in half of the paintings reveal the face you show to the world versus having no face – being naked in that sense. The body shapes present in the work can be considered coffins in which we are trapped inside. My use of cool tones really plays with the idea of the darkness inside one’s self, the sense of void, and getting lost. I did not use black because I felt that would be too literal. This is the same reason why for the bleeding ink method I used in these paintings I did not use the color red (or any other color that could represent it clearly such as magenta or pink).

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