The 10 Most Popular GPS Tracking Companies in Asia

The 10 Most Popular GPS Tracking Companies in Asia

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The must track folks and cars has grown considerably in the clean times. So many cars are being stolen and children are being kidnapped or lost. Using a GPS tracking device, which presents real time location sharing, has come as a savior to many people.

Lets try out the top GPS tracking companies in Asia and their choices.

1. Letstrack

Letstrack is an Indian company which can supply cost effective GPS tracking solutions for business and non-public use. You can access the contraptions through intuitive mobile apps or internet platforms. The solutions are perfect for vehicle proprietors to manage their fleet, establishments to monitor their supplied and families to keep an eye on their loved ones.

The contraptions utilize AI to facilitate the service and supply in-depth analysis and reports. You can find more than 250 tracking features which can come priceless depending on specific industries.

2. Tramigo

Tramigo is a committed vehicle tracking service using GPS and can be used for non-public vans and commercial fleets. Notifications from the device are instantly sent to mobile apps even when you dont have internet connectivity.

You dont must pay any extra fees for the service and only must purchase the tracking device. The solution uses a special feature called Tramigo landmark which converts cryptic GPS coordinates into recognizable areas. The device also uses a GSM network to conduct its tracking so that you possibly can locate your fleet even if there is no internet.

Tramigo operates in Asian countries like the Philippines.

3. Meitrack Group

Meitrack is one of the leading names in GPS and tracking solutions. The company is based thoroughly in China but also has offices in California. One of the main pillars of the organization is its extensive research and development department which consists of famend hardware and software engineers.

The quality and effectiveness of the products have earned Meitrack several awards including China National High-Tech Enterprise, Certificated Software Enterprise and Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise. The company exports its products to huge scale business all throughout the world like Vodafone and AT&T.

4. Roadpoint

Here is an alternate Indian company who has launched its companies recently. The company is targeting chiefly vehicle proprietors who can track their vans and locate it in real time. The product can be used for tracking bike or for safety of children.

The contraptions come with non-public GPS chips which supply exact location of cars and folks. Roadpoint is one of the biggest distributors and sellers of GPS tracking solutions in India.

5. Katsana

Katsana is an innovative name in the GPS tracking industry who offer connected cars approach. You can effectively manage your fleet and track your vans using the device. However, the solution also features a driver analysis option which could predict individual driving patterns.

The system collects data related to driving which can be accessed from a unmarried platform. It also generates a score for every driver based thoroughly on his driving behavior. The service is used by auto insurance companies in Malaysia where the company currently operates. The device can help develop a versatile insurance plan based thoroughly on driving patterns.

6. Trak N Tell

The Indian IoT pioneers are now looking to ease the tension of parents with their GPS tracker for kids. The contraptions also have Bluetooth, inbuilt flash memory and a panic button which can be used by the child in distress. The tracking device runs on battery and is discreet so that it truly is difficult to notice.

You can use the iOS and Android app to locate your child in real time and manage settings. The company also has car tracking solutions in its lineup of products with advanced features like over speeding alerts and engine standing alerts.

7. i-Tracking

The company is based thoroughly in Thailand and can supply GPS tracking solutions for vans, storage containers and folks. It is an ideal transport and fleet management tool which helps you to maximize fuel efficiency and utilization of your fleet.

You can use the app on mobiles, tablets and computers to take control of the dashboard. You may even find personalized tracking companies for children, the elderly and the pets.

8. Yepzon

Yepzon is especially designed to track children and women who occasionally fall prey to attacks and criminals. The tracking device is cloud-based thoroughly and uses a smartphone to display the accurate location of any user.

The company was originally incorporated in Finland with subsidiaries in UK. It recently expanded to India where the producing of the tracking contraptions are carried out. You can find wearable technologies and smart apparel solutions to track people and pets.

9. Trinetra

If you desire full-scale fleet management software, Trinetra is one of the most efficient deals. The solution is used throughout many industries akin to education, transport and logistics, oil and gas and others.

GPS tracking is just a small part of the package which also contains full functions for fleet management, diagnostics, extensive reporting, vehicle standing monitoring and two way communications. Trinetra operates in India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the Middle East.

10. Axestrack

You can use the companies of the company based thoroughly in India to track consignments, vans, employees and other folks. The solution can be customized according to the industry for optimum potential.

Schools can use the tracking service for their school bus which also monitors every child onboard and notifies the parents about pickups and drops. Many organizations also track their employees to exercise session their productivity and assign duties effectively.

You can generate location based thoroughly analytics and access complete records of all routes and destinations covered by your fleet. All the standing of your fleet is updated automatically so that there is never a disruption in effective communication.

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