The Biggest Gimmicks We Find In Smartphones

The Biggest Gimmicks We Find In Smartphones

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Smartphones are brilliant little things, giving us the ability to contact one an alternative and offer various helpful applications to be certain we can manage our day to day schedules.

But what about the gimmicks we see in smartphones, the capabilities that are hardly ever used or seem a little bit excessive for a smartphone? Lets take a look.

Voice Commands

The amount of times Ive tried to exploit voice instructions number in the thousands and the amount of times Ive given up nearly matches that number.

No matter how well worded you happen to be, smartphones, especially slightly older ones, made difficult work of any command you would attempt to give it.

They would mistake names, places and numbers over and over until you genuinely felt that communicating in a foreign language may yield better results.

You would often ask to call Mom and get sent to your latest text message from Tom, thats close Ill admit, but not what I asked for!

Siri, the voice assistant from Apples iPhone has proved an oversized improvement, and with this kind of assistant now being developed further, we'd see the end of the voice command issues sooner rather than later.

Facial Recognition

Heres a great idea, as a substitute of typing in a password, why dont we have our phones unlock when we look at it!

Unfortunately this was once not a great idea, and still proves a more long-winded mission than just unlocking a handset in general.

When trying to work facial consciousness systems like this, you often end up looking blankly at your smartphone screen for at least 30 seconds until the handset recognises your face.

Plus, if you make a decision to add a piece of makeup, or if youre a grownup, grow a piece too much facial hair, the system has a piece of a hissy fit and purely decides that you arent you anymore.

Were still waiting for a half of-decent facial consciousness system to come along, and it wouldnt be a shock if we were all still waiting in five years time.

Curved Screens

This is a rather new development in the smartphone market and is certain to stick around for an expansion of years.

But is there any real need for a screen that isnt flat?

No is the simple answer here, it doesnt really offer extra screen size and should probably feel a piece odd in our pockets and our hands.

It looks pretty cool, Ill admit that, but it doesnt offer anything in terms of performance or comfort.

If the screen ultimately gets curved enough that when you throw the phone it comes back to you, like a boomerang, then it has a use at least, but at the instant we shouldnt really test that theory.

Two phones that are attempting out the curved screen are the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex, and well must wait and see just how they do before we can truly judge.

You can inspect out more of the maximum smartphone gimmicks in an article Ive written for mobilephones[dot]com.

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