The Dreamer has been tagged ;]

The Dreamer has been tagged ;] <3

if your not a dreamer.. your NOT a believer =)

haaa ive been tagged!!! thanx 1exile08!!

okkkk 16 things about molly that you flickr people dont know…

1) obviously im not shy.. butttt when it comes to "meeting new people" im not so outspoken and wild as you’d assume ;] LOL trust me im actually very conservative and reserved with first impressions… believe it!!

2) if you didnt know i have 2 puppies [ Bonnie and Clyde ] colby pitbulls.. yeah yeah theyre my loves and they are the sweetest dogs ever.. its all about the owners ;] and i also have a short haired hamster named smokie, i also had a long hair one named teddie mcfluffin… buttt hes in a better place now =)

3) I’m originally from raleigh, north carolina. born and bred ;] haha never left home hardly, moved a mile away from the house that my father and myself grew up in =) i have separation anxiety i think? = LOL and i blow out my candles on may 21st =)

4) I SURVIVED HURRICANE FRAN, and i have the shirt, the hat and THE PIN to prove it!! haha no but seriously, it was kinda cool because my parents basement flooded and i got a pool for a week and it was indoors! they didnt like it too much BUT I LOVED IT<3 haha

5) I DONT LIKE VIOLENCE, im your new school hippie, im wayyy more of a lover than a fighter.. buttt i curse like a drunk sailor sometimes = unintentionally.. it just comes out… =)

6) My mother is an angel.. im not even kidding, she is my BEST FRIEND, i love that woman like a fat kid loves cake ;] she is my rock, my backbone, my world.. i thank GOD everyday for letting me be her one and only =)

7) My family are my friends [ my hubbie and daughter are my everything ]… They are what keeps me going in this hectic world, and I dont hang out with a lot of people, one because i dont like the drama, and two because i dont like fakeness.. ;]

8) Sometimes i actually watch t.v.?! i know right? like who does that anymore?! no i really dont watch much t.v. at all, buttt imma movie person! i love a good movie, especially if i read the book first!!

9) Im an eye and teeth person, i love a set of pearly whites ;] and i believe that everyones eyes will tell a story without even opening their mouth! I think i can see through alot of people and read into their past and future.. no im not psychic but i do believe in a greater power and i do believe..people are EASY to read..

10) =X im ashamed but i do have a myspace! purely for business.. Check it out sometime!! Fabulow City

11) I run with scissors! haha no i dont really but it sounded cool~! i think for number 11 i’ll say theres alot about me i’d like to change.. maybe my dry sense of humor? =)

12) I am obsessed with holidays ;] everyone of them i try to do a little decorating for.. ONE of my faves is saint patricks day because i get to paint little green feet everywhere =) ->my mother is an elementary school teacher and she handed me down all of her children ideas ;] and trust me shes been there almost 20 years!! so im packed with very neat and creative childrens ideas for crafts and projects and decor =)

13) i love this number!! most people think its a jinx but heres a FEW reasons why i love thirteen that was MY BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!! i stayed at the Marriott at Crabtree Valley with 5 of my friends, we had our own room, and we got to stay at the bar up front ALL NIGHT well til 2 ;] and another reason is.. My daughter and myself were both due on May13th, not the same year obviously ;] , my father was BORN January 13th, My mother November 13th, and they were married July 13th, its actually our families lucky number =)

14) Obviously like the title of this picture , I am a dreamer, I believe anyone can do ANYTHING with a little thought and plan =) which usually comes from our dreams.. i believe dreams do come true, and fairytales do happen.. so where the heck is my dang castle? LOL sometimes i really do think imma princess ;] but NOW IM THE QUEEN AND OLIVIA IS THE PRINCESS =) ive been promoted ;] LOL

15) im a PACKRAT i throw NOTHING away! my hubbie and parents hate that about me, i think one day everything is either gonna be worth something,. or i just wont be able to live with out it! soo i save everything… and i mean everything, i have christmas cards from when i was 5?! haha i even have every beanie babie i ever bought =X close to 3000 haha but we wont talk about that ;]

andddd 16) I LOVE ME im not very confident, im not very cocky, but i do love myself, i think that it is imperative to first love yourself before you can love any one else… i believe love is why we are all here… and i read something mother theresa said yesterday on someone elses stream and its soo true..

if you judge someone first- you dont have time to love that person!? and that is SOOOO true… love is what binds us together and tears us apart, its not always a field of daisys sometimes its just the field and you have to plant your own ;]
Love is all about choices and about making you and yours happy =), as long as you love yourself, you’ll always love everyone else =)

also dr.quinn her new necklaces the open hearts? yeah those are bad.. and im gettin one for my birthday =) – if your heart is open.. LOVE will ALWAYS find its way in ;] that is sooo true!! well theres my 16 !! lookin forward to tagging some of you guys!! =)

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