Top 10 Microsoft Word Alternatives That Are Available For Free

Top 10 Microsoft Word Alternatives That Are Available For Free

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Most users belif that Microsoft Word is the only free option manageable that can assist in creating documents, presentations and more. In reality but it without a doubt, there are many change options, which are manageable for free. So, here are the best 10 free change options to Microsoft Word, which you will soar using in no time. However, the listing packs few which are online and others that can be downloaded for offline performance. So, wean off from the cage every now and then known as MS Word, with these options.

Downloadable applications, aka Desktop word applications:

AbiWord: Its a cross-platform app that can be run on Mac OS, UNIX and even Windows, and has been evolved as a part of the AbiSource assignment. The document layout capabilities are complicated and it offers most features manageable on Word by Microsoft.

OpenOffice: Its not a standalone application, but a package encompassing five programs, which are Writer, Impress, Calc, Base and Draw. It can open files in the PDF version, which MS Word cannot. Being open-source, it has sufficient scope for newer features and increased performance.

Jarte: Its a free app that is compatible with Word and WordPad documents. The features like built-in spell checking, freedom to export PDF and HTML files, freedom to insert tables, hyperlinks, pix and everything else is substantial.

Neo Office: Its for Mac users and carries spreadsheet, word processing, drawing, presentation and database programs. Its compatible with MS place of work files and is fairly stable. Features entail spell and grammar checking, image import from scanners and cameras as well.

IBM Lotus Symphony: From IBM, Lotus Symphony entails spreadsheet program, Word processor, presentation software. It supports ODF.extension files, MS place of work and Lotus SmartSuite files. Feature it packs are corresponding to the MS Word application.

Online manageable free MS word change options:

Google Docs: Developed at Google Labs, this is helping in creating, collaborating, sharing documents, presentations and spreadsheets. The files are saved online, but can be emailed as an attachment or published as a webpage. Collaborators can view the similar without making any edits; this app calls for a free account signup to begin.

Buzzword: Developed by Adobe Acrobat, it presents a word processor and an Adobe Air application and can assist in managing documents from your laptop.

Zoho Writer: Writer for word processing is a number of the many many 20 free online apps Zoho offers. It can be associated with Google and Yahoo accounts. It saves users from facing information loss resulting from unintentional closing of web browsers and ensures automatic document saving similtaneously typing. Image insertion and export to hugely a few formats is a number of the many many liked features. The interface would seem very familiar to MS Word for any user.

ThinkFree: Built on Java, it shares an analogous interface to MS Word and users will not find it difficult working on this one. The software is helping in automatically dumping the file on the laptop as soon because the similar is closed, accidentally or purposely. Remaking the document can thus be forgotten, even supposing not the handiest, but still a judicious one to take note of.

AjaxWrite: Its designed to appearance like MS Word and carries many standard formatting options. The biggest shortcoming is slower speed and the support for only 1 web browser, which is Firefox.

The bottom line:

So, after you're in seek a free locally installed MS Word alternative or an online manageable one, the above mentioned names can prove very handy. The ten tools mentioned above are simply to begin with, which can be said seeing the long listing that exists. So, settle on one that handiest suits you and forestall relying alone on MS Word, as there are many others to do the needful and again for free!

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