Vintage Watches Are the Timeless Timepieces You Need

Vintage Watches Are the Timeless Timepieces You Need

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Long summer afternoons, spent in the dim cool of your grandfathers study. The scent of his cologne and his cigar competed with the smells of Grandmas roast or Sunday gravy, floating up from the kitchen above. You would be tucked into the corner of a cracked leather armchair, paging through an oversize book with rich watercolor illustrations, or maybe just watching the dust motes dance through a shaft of sunlight.

Sometimes Grandpa would allow you look through the treasures in his desk drawer: old coins, antique keys, a fountain pen, black-and-white pictures of distant family. And, of course, his wristwatch, still ticking as reliably as when he purchased it in Paris in the course of the war. Just glimpsing it again brings up recollections, and he begins to tell you the tales

There is no doubt vintage wristwatches hearken back to an era when people valued high quality craftsmanship. Unfortunately, your older brother was the one who inherited Grandpas watch, however there is a means for you, too, to recapture that nostalgia: browsing an expansion of vintage watches.

Three Reasons Why Vintage Watches Are Timeless

In the days when no self-respecting fellow would be viewed in public with out a hat and a pocket square, a wristwatch was a obligatory accessory besides a stylish one.

Today, we dont need watches even if you dont desire to reach into your pocket for your smartphone, it looks digital clocks are all over the place. So why opt for vintage watches? Lets take a glance.

They Are Out of the Ordinary

Wearing a wristwatch, particularly one of the various storied vintage watches on hand, will set you apart from the masses. When everyone else is bent over their devices, drawn into the swirling vortex of social media and steady communication, all you need to do is take one instant glance at your wrist.

They Are the Epitome of Class

James Bond. Cary Grant. Sinatra and Deano. Classic fashion isnt as handy to come by today, now that fashion is disposable and people wear pajamas to the grocery store. Not you, although. You comprehend that projecting a cosmopolitan, masculine image depends on the particulars: well-polished wingtips, having your shirts starched just so and, of course, the beautiful leather band of your vintage watch peeking out from beneath your cuff.

They Last a Lifetime Or Two!

If Omega vintage watches could talk, they would undoubtedly tell some compelling tales.

What tales will you contribute to your timepieces repertoire? Owning a well-made watch from the mid-20th century positions you within history. Unlike todays tech gizmos that practically become obsolete the moment you take them out of their packaging, the old-school technology of a finely crafted chronograph is primarily timeless.

Imagine handing down a vintage watch to your son, and then one day seeing it grace the wrist of your grandson. No iPhone can compare to that sense of tradition.

Once you fasten the strap of that first watch, youll be hooked. Vintage watches are beautiful, collectible, and practical objects that you could be proud to own, and to pass on to future generations. Grandpa would approve!

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