Week 46 – Backlit Portrait

Week 46 - Backlit Portrait

Week 46 – Backlit Portrait

I had an idea of what I wanted to do for this week’s challenge, and knew that I I needed someone with long flowing hair as my model to achieve this. When my friend Sarah was coming to visit, I bribed her with a piña colada (or three). Sarah is a great sport, and has done a fair amount of modelling (and acting) in her past, so was more than willing to sit for me. I set up a small ‘studio’ in my front room, with a black velvet cloth hung from the tall units at the back for a backdrop, and a black fleece draped over the armchair. Behind Sarah was a studio light, and to my right was David holding an LCD video light.

Edited in Adobe Camera RAW, Photoshop and Nik Colour Efex Pro, with a steep learning curve and lots of video tutorials from PiXimperfect on frequency separation to smooth the skin, how to brighten, sharpen and change the colour of eyes and add highlights in the hair. In addition to that it was a lot of trial and error and experimentation to get to the final image.

Canon EOS 5D III
Canon 24-105mm f/4 @ 84mm
Aperture priority
ISO 1600
WB Auto

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