What is a Mora Knife

What is a Mora Knife

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There is no doubt that you have seen a Mora knife before. They are common in many applications, and are used to do many things, from gutting a fish to cutting ice into manageable pieces. Even though you might also have seen them, what exactly is a Mora knife and how can you're making sure you are buying the best survival knife?

Typically used as a description of a belt knife, the original Mora knives came from the small town of Mora in Dalama, Sweden. The Mora knives started their legacy over one hundred years ago, when the then famous knife maker Erik Frost started Frost Knivfabrik in Mora. A knife maker by lineage, the secrets to clever knife making were passed down to Erik from many generations of lessons learned, successes, and failures. He built his company around this ride and the undying principle that it is advisable to use only the highest quality of steel to create the best of knives.

Because of these ultra rugged blades, the Mora knife has grow to be a favored among hunters, campers, and hikers the world over. Theyre as rugged as a knife can be, have a 3 inch blade, and generally have a wooden or plastic deal with. But what basically sets them apart from the rest of the gang is their price. Most of the Mora knives can easily be had for under ten dollars. Nowhere else inner the world can you buy a knife that is backed by over one hundred years of tradition by a lower price.

There are few knife companies that are the brunt of more outlandish folklore than Mora is. Because their blades are produced from carbon-steel, stainless, Triflex, and laminated steel, they have earned the reputation of holding a clever edge and having a nearly unbreakable blade. Stories exist of campers that were stranded inner the woods, yet were able to cut down a tree for their own firewood by the usage of the never-dulling three inch blade. A few other legends exist in which it is purported that a man can stab the blade into a tree and stand on the deal with, without any sign of breakage or degradation of integrity of the blade or deal with.

While Frosts Knivfabrik sells varied distinct variations of their famous knives, they all are basic, straight bladed, and very robust for their size and weight. While possessing a Mora knife is ultra common place and can be used for many things, every so repeatedly they just arent what youre watching for in a survival knife. Here are some tips to help you find the knife you need when your life is on the line.

First, make sure you know your metals and know how and why they are used in certain situations. This is presumably probably the most important decision you are going to make.

Lastly, visit a local store to view the knife you are watching for, or at the very least check out the closest model the shop has that resemble the blade youre watching for.  While it might also not be perfect, itll offer you a clever feeling going into the purchase.

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