Windows 98 SE Delete Registry Entries

Windows 98 SE Delete Registry Entries

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When you start to work on your Windows registry file, first you can want to ascertain where it is located. This article is specially for the Windows ninety eight registry file located here:

Windows ninety five, ninety eight, ME- C:Windows

Windows ninety five, ninety eight, ME- C:WindowsProfiles

You can find registry files here:

Windows ninety five, ninety eight and ME- System.dat, User.dat, and Policy.pol

With that out of the way, you will want to first back up your registry file prior to trying to make any changes to it.

The reason you wish to be so careful is that this is where all of your configuration information is held including the Windows system and hardware configurations, information about installed programs, user preferences and the types of documents that are created from each application.

If you lose this information, you laptop will essentially became a door-keep.

Backing up Windows 98SE registry files are especially easy.

1. Go to Start menu, then go to Run submenu.

2. In Open dialog box, type Regedit, and then hit Okay.

three. Locate and then hit the root subkey that contains all of the infant subkeys and values that may be backed up.

4. You will then want to export everything so on the File menu, hit Export.

5. In Save, make a choice a location where you want to save the Registration Entries (.reg) file.

6. Type in any file name you will be aware in the File name box, and then hit Save.

Now, you can start to work on your registry file. While this is one way to approach stepping into regards to the Windows ninety eight SE – Delete registry portion of changing your registry, you will want to bear in mind that it is still a comprehensive lot easier and safer to use a bit of software which will do this for you.

Trying to fix registry errors and going about making a Windows ninety eight SE Delete registry function to work is either risky and time consuming.

The Windows registry file is an exceptionally delicate file and is an integral part of the Windows operating system. As it gets clogged with obsolete entries, bad entries and the like, it may need to be cleaned up and optimized in order to get rid of the plethora of problems it'll cause when it is overloaded including freezes, system shutdowns and the Blue screen of death.

There is now a ton of software packages on the market designed to deal with this problem in a short, easy and safe fashion rather than resorting to manual manipulation.

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