Women Riding Motorcycles

Women Riding Motorcycles

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The motorcycle hobby or sport is just now not only for men. More and more ladies are taking over riding. This is fantastic, isn't it guys? Remember when ladies only rode on the returned of a bike as a passenger? Remember sidecars? Women ride and drive everything on this planet. Gender isn't a query anymore.

This article is about ladies riding motorcycles and sportbikes in particular. I have seen female riders riding tremendous heavy cruisers and Harley's too. It takes a diversity of means to manipulate a tremendous heavy bike. A woman riding a bike is hot to most of us guys. Well, it is to me. So gals, get your motorcycle endorsement and buy some gear. Riding is a blast.

Motorcycle ladies are available in all shapes, sizes and a while. A rider's age actually isn't a part to me anymore as I just turned 60. I like to ride with other riders that have some means and journey. I ride with the beginners too. I always give them some extra distance. This is a courtesy and it's safer for all of us. It does now not topic to me what sex a rider is. Males and females wear the same gear so you can not tell who you're riding with anyway.

Women riding sportbikes: I wish there were more mature ladies riding sportbikes. 40 seems to be the cutoff age around these parts. 50 seems to be cutoff element as far as males riding sportbikes. I'm one of the guys who just never grew up. I do now not know why, but after i get on the bike, any aches & pains I could have just depart.

There are several actually carried out riders in some of the groups I ride with. Lisa rides an R-1. R6girl rides a Yamaha additionally. Katie rides a Gixxer 750. Linda rides a Kawi ZZR six hundred. T-bone used to ride a Hayabusa. Now she rides a Kawi Zx10R. Foxie rides a 636. Foxie is 40+ and hot. There are a half dozen more female sportbike riders I've ridden with in the sector. More beginners are joining the community daily.

Women's Riding Clubs: I've only come all around a couple ladies's only riding groups. These are now not the classic MCs. I don't particularly just like the "Motorcycle Club". It has too many negative connotations. "Zani' leads "The Crew" as they call themselves. I've enclosed a photo of several of the riders in the group. Zani is in the black t-shirt. She rides a rather lowered black Honda 600RR. Do you think they're talking about bikes, outfits or guys?

Women's sportbike riding Gear: Listen up ladies. Any gear is better than none. All the motorcycle gear manufacturers now make gear especially designed for ladies. There is a diversity of Pink stuff available. I'll give you a marginally. If you just exit and buy the predominantly black gear, it'll be less difficult to sell if you will have to upgrade. Maybe you will lose weight and it can not fit you anymore.

Of route you need a helmet that "fits". Make it snug, now not loose. Your hair is going to get trashed. Get used to it or cut it short. The dark tint helmet shields can not will let you see at night. There are flip down sun visors available too. Buy a median priced helmet for your first one. You do now not need to buy a $900.00 Arai Corsair V.

Gloves are tremendously foremost. Your arms and fingers are the most valuable parts of your body in addition your noggin. Spend at least a hundred dollars on gloves and preferable 2 hundred. Get the gauntlet fashion gloves. Let the salesperson information you. They are bike lovers now not used car salespeople.

Leather is a fine deal better than fabric for jackets and pants. You can get the perfed leather that will flow some air if you end up moving. Leather may make you sweat more. It will additionally save your skin in a crash. Quality leathers will last a life-time. Cordura or mesh fabric is cooler, and it'll somewhat save your skin; but, only once in a crash. You will need to buy an alternative jacket. Heavy jeans fall into this category too. Please don't wear thin designer jeans, OK? Some Wranglers or Levis work fine. If you get them dirty, it's no tremendous deal.

Women's motorcycle riding boots: Do ladies like to buy shoes? Well, I know a couple who do. You need to buy riding boots or shoes that cover your ankles at the very least. Please don't ride with tennis shoes. No flip-flops or naked toes allowed. Do you will have to be is termed a "squid"? No, you don't.

Go over to your bike broking service or a Cyclegear store for correct sportbike boots. Get some information from the salesperson. You are now not going to find sportbike boots at the "Harley Dealer". If your ride a Harley or a power cruiser, then go ahead and get those heavy, clunky black boots with the spikes and brass buttons. You've seen them.

Some sportbike boot manufacturers to see for can be Alpinestars, Sidi, Puma, Garne, Teknic and a few others. The Icon brand is extremely popular. the styling and graphics are top notch. Icon gear is extremely cool hunting. It tends to be a little heavy. Definitely are attempting some boots on locally before you purchase your gear online.

What's the proper sportbike for ladies? I can only give you some suggestions. there is no "best sportbike". The Suzuki Hayabusa is extremely popular with ladies. It actually isn't the proper beginner bike. It's heavy and ungodly fast. It corners tremendously well too. Women just like the curvy styling. I think it's the low saddle or seat height that ladies like. Suzukis or Gixxers actually do have some extraordinary colors and graphics. Go check them out.

Many sportbikes have a 32" plus seat height. Long legs are an asset. You can get your sportbike lowered if you are beneath 5'-6". You wishes to be capable to touch the ground with the balls of your toes. You do now not need to flat foot the ground.

A better bike to birth on can be a 6 to 8 year vintage super sport or 600cc sportbike. They cost in the neighborhood of $three,800.00. You are going to drop or crash your bike in the first year while learning to ride, so acquiring a less dear bike makes sense financially. Men drop their bikes far more than ladies. We just don't imagine what we're doing most of the time.

If you have got to buy new, there are three sportbikes you might belief. Look at the Kawasaki 250R and the Honda 250R. These bikes look just like their bigger brothers. They're lighter. They have a low seat height they usually're in the $4,a hundred.00 stove. They cost less to insure. The Kawi 650R is an alternative good beginner bike.

Women racing motorcycles: There are now not too many professional ladies riders yet. Angelle Sampey is a worldwide famous drag racer just recently retired. There are a handful of up and comers now doing quite well. A lightweight rider has an skills in motorcycle racing. Not having broad shoulders is an alternative.

There are few female riders in the motorcycle road racing world. This racing niche is super competitive. It's only a topic of time before more ladies enter the sport. This professional sports sector is wide open to girls. Motorcycle racing is for riders beneath 40, though. It is a lot more poor than auto or truck racing.

Conclusion: Women motorcycle riders are now not any various than male motorcycle riders. Well, ladies do tend to be smarter, don't they? Regardless, look on the net for some local motorcycle forums. Look for "sportbike" in the forum name. Lurk for awhile. There is pretty a lot always a "rides" section in these forums. This is a superior option to get to know more about the sport. Don't depend on your hubby or boyfriend. Just exit and do it. Learn to ride. Take some pictures and make some motion pictures. Make some life long friends. See you out on the next group ride, ladies.

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